Expand your marketing reach

Attract customers on the apps they love and watch your conversions grow.

Reduce the barriers to purchase

Be available for queries and provide relevant info to prospects wherever they are on their journey.

Upgrade your customer service

Remove long phone waiting times and let customers message you when and where it suits them.

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Our conversational messaging guide dives deeper into the above topics and outlines all of our available tools to help increase customer relationships.

Get 100% reach

With the biggest channel lineup, you can ensure you’ll reach your customers around the world.


Easy integration

No matter what tools you’re using, Conversation API will integrate, automate, and scale like a dream.

Keep it simple

Focus on the message, not the how. Let Conversation API do the hard work optimizing your messages for individual channels.

Flexibility built in

Now there’s no heavy lifting when adding a new channel, just switch it on and off as you go!

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conversational API scenario with Sinch's Conversation API


Send and receive text messages at scale through a single connection.


Level up your customer experience and set your brand apart with rich, compelling messages!


Rich Media, guided responses, and an app-like experience, all in the users SMS inbox.


Take user experience to the next level with real-time conversational commerce on Instagram.
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Use the Telegram API to send messages to users around the world. Add Telegram business capabilities for marketing, sales and, customer support.
kakao talk icon
kakao talk icon


Message your customers in South Korea using KakaoTalk – the number one messaging app in the country. Use KakaoTalk to run marketing campaigns, have sales consultations, and provide top customer support!
LINE logo
LINE logo


Engage, support, and convert customers in Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, and Indonesia over their favorite app — LINE!
Wechat icon
Wechat icon


Engage, support, and convert customers in China over their favorite app — WeChat!

Sinch Push

Engage customers at the right time and grow loyalty with web, mobile, and in-app push notifications.
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MMS conversation powered by Sinch's conversational API, Conversation API
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Loved by developers around the world

With the power to handle multi-channel queries on one thread, create personalized experiences at scale, automate customer care through self-serve bots, complement existing tools, and integrate easily – what’s not to love?

Give it a go now! Sign-up to our dashboard and send WhatsApp, RCS, and SMS messages to your phone. 

Why choose Sinch for conversational messaging

  • Intelligence built-in

    Use our Smart Conversations feature to better understand what your customers are sending. Understand how they feel, read text from attached images, and much more so you can send personalized, helpful replies. 

  • Personalization

    With unified contact profiles, individual channel priorities, and conversation history across multiple channels, you can enhance customer experience by making it personal.

  • Easy integration

    With a single API you can quickly integrate with any service or platform and add new channels to accommodate new business needs or market changes without starting again. 

    With Sinch's Provisioning API, you can also provision any messaging service in one place. It allows you to programmatically set up your senders, accounts, and templates for the messaging channels available via Conversation API.

  • All channels

    With the widest channel offering on the market, you can reach any customer, anywhere, with Sinch. If a channel is down? Use automatic fallbacks to send the same content over a different channel.

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Zapier-Sinch integration image

Omnichannel Connector for Salesforce Marketing Cloud customers

Are you a Salesforce Marketing Cloud customer looking to engage with your customers on more preferred messaging channels? Then the Sinch Omnichannel Connector is built for you — integrate once and automate the rest!

Connect with your customers using 1-way and 2-way messaging capabilities and take advantage of all the features and benefits that Conversation API has to offer. 

Fast, no-code integration with Zapier

Already using Zapier to automate your business workflows? With Sinch’s Zapier app, you can quickly build simple flows to integrate messaging capabilities with your existing tech stack and connect with your customers across all our supported channels. 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Omnichannel Connector integration
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Frequently asked questions

  • What is conversational messaging? 

    Customer engagement is evolving! Instead of one-way blasts to customers, communications are becoming conversational. Why? Because that’s what customers crave - 89% say they want two-way conversations over messaging channels. 

    Today’s tech-savvy customers want to ask questions right in the messaging stream on their preferred channel, and they want quick answers. This shift toward a more personal approach to communication is known as conversational messaging, or conversational customer engagement. 

    Learn more in our CX report

  • What is Conversation API?

    There are many messaging channels to choose from, and people use different ones based on age, location, and what’s most popular at any given time. It’s tricky to keep up. 

    Reaching customers across multiple channels can be a real challenge for businesses. Managing all those integrations and maintenance takes a lot of time. Then just when you think you’re on top of it, everything changes. 

    That’s why Sinch came up with Conversation API. Conversation API lets you use all those messaging channels with just one integration. And it has additional features to simplify the management of multiple messaging channels. Not only that, but because all traffic is routed through the same API, you get an overview of customer conversations across all channels, even if they switch channels mid-conversation!

  • How can I test and get started with Conversation API?

    Check out this article on Sinch Community that gives you a quick overview and short video tutorial on how you can test and get started using Conversation API from the Sinch Dashboard.

  • Do you have a demo of Conversation API?

    Yes, we do! You can interact and experience Conversation API on your own mobile device, by accessing our demo on the Sinch Customer Dashboard.

    Note that you will need to sign in or create an account before you can access the demo.

  • What is Smart Conversations in Conversation API?

    Smart Conversations is a collection of add-on features for Conversation API that passes received messages to the Sinch Machine Learning (ML) API engine. Depending on the features enabled, the ML engine will collect and analyze the message and, based on the type of message received, Smart Conversations can send “intelligent” automated responses.

    The Sinch Smart Conversations functionality allows you to add artificially intelligent analyses to your Conversation API apps. Configure your webhooks to gain important insight into your conversations.

  • What's the difference between Sinch Smart Conversations and Chatlayer?

    If you're a business wanting an intelligent chatbot solution, then Chatlayer is the answer for you!

    If you're building your own solution or have a chatbot product already and want to add AI features and omnichannel capabilities, then Smart Conversations through Conversation API is the building block component you're looking for. Smart Conversations is derived from the same best-in-class AI/ML components that power Chatlayer. 

  • What is Sinch Provisioning API?

    The Sinch Provisioning API allows you to programmatically set up senders, accounts, and templates on your favorite messaging platforms on Conversation API. We help make it easy for you to onboard quickly and seamlessly on channels like WhatsApp and KakaoTalk!

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