Strengthen customer relationships with conversational messaging

Expand your marketing reach

Attract customers on the apps they love and watch your conversions grow.

Reduce the barriers to purchase

Be available for queries and provide relevant info to prospects wherever they are on their journey.

Upgrade your customer service

Remove long phone waiting times and let customers message you when and where it suits them.

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Our conversational messaging guide dives deeper into the above topics and outlines all of our available tools to help increase customer relationships.

One API, millions of possibilities for a better customer experience

Get 100% reach

With the biggest channel lineup, you can ensure you’ll reach your customers around the world.


Easy integration

No matter what tools you’re using Conversation API will integrate, automate, and scale like a dream.

Keep it simple

Focus on the message, not the how. Let Conversation API do the hard work optimising your messages for individual channels.

Flexibility built in

Now there’s no heavy lifting when adding a new channel, just switch it on and off you go!

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conversation API scenario

One API to connect them all!


Send and receive text messages at scale through a single connection.


Rich Media, guided responses, and an app-like experience, all in the users SMS inbox.


Take user experience to the next level with real-time conversational commerce on Instagram.


Deliver rich messages to customers on the channel they love.


Enable customer-initiated, branded conversations on a secure platform.

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higher engagement with conversational messaging​ over traditional methods.

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Loved by developers around the world

With the power to handle multi-channel queries on one thread, create personalized experiences at scale, automate customer care through self-serve bots, complement existing tools, and integrate easily – what’s not to love?

Conversation API

The Sinch advantage

  • All channels

    • 100% reach
    • Simple channel configuration

  • Intelligence

    • Message routing 
    • Transcoding 
    • Add conversational AI using Chatlayer

  • Personalization

    • One contact profile 
    • Conversational context 
    • Rich media powering personalized content 

  • Easy integration

    • Single API for all your channels 
    • New channel additions when available 
    • Integrate with any service/platform 

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