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Create new engagement opportunities with toll-free numbers

A toll-free phone number inspires trust. Use this trusted channel to enable two-way conversations and engage with more customers!

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The benefits of a toll-free phone number

Text-enable your toll-free phone number to connect with customers and leave no message unanswered!

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    Enable two-way conversations

    Enable SMS on your toll-free number and never miss an opportunity to listen, collect direct insights, and create meaningful connections.
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    Quick, hassle-free setup

    Get started in a snap with our flexible APIs and easy implementation.
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    Send mass notifications

    Use your toll-free number to send notifications and updates about appointments, service outages, surveys, deliveries, and more.
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Use cases

Enhance communications and boost customer satisfaction

Eliminate customer friction with timely updates

Avoid complaints and boost satisfaction with real-time updates about your products and services.

Reduce no-show rates and missed deliveries

Send automated text reminders and notifications - stop losing money with missed appointments and deliveries!

Continuously improve customer experience

Monitor satisfaction by following up on all customer service interactions with automated SMS surveys.

Learn the ins and outs of US messaging rules and build a compliant setup for your SMS campaigns.


Discover new opportunities with your toll-free number

Trustworthy communication

Customers trust toll-free numbers, as most large enterprises use them to interact with their customers via voice today. Start using this trusted channel to connect via messaging as well!

Reliable messaging

Toll-free numbers are established messaging channels. They have experienced enormous growth the past few years as companies catch on to the power of text messaging.

Full compliance

Toll-free messaging uses the same compliant opt-in mechanisms as any other SMS messaging channel. Consent is mandatory, and the network implemented STOP layer ensures consumers are protected.

High throughput and maximum reach

If you need to deliver your messages fast, a toll-free number is a quick and reliable channel. Use only one number to reach both the U.S. and Canada.

Delivery receipts

Toll-free messaging includes handset delivery receipts, which means you’ll always know whether your messages are being delivered.

Existing toll-free number set up

Sinch can enable text messaging for your existing number or set up a new one for you.

Unlock new possibilities to delight your customers

Get started in a snap! Enable two-way conversations and enhance customer experience by sending relevant, timely notifications about your products or services.


Frequently Asked Questions

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    Higher delivery rates
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    Larger message volumes
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    A better customer experience
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