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Sinch named a Leader in IDC MarketScape 2023

All your communications

SMS, rich messaging, voice, email, video — we’ve got all your needs covered, whether you need a single API or want to take the leap to omnichannel.

Global Super Network

Connect with your audience anywhere in the world through the most direct, secure, and reliable tier-1 network for messaging, voice, and email.

Your partner for success

Our customer-obsessed experts actively support you at every step to help you reach your goals, whatever they may be.

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reach – giving you access to every mobile phone on the planet 


operator connections to allow you to scale communications globally


of the largest US tech companies are Sinch customers


The number of customer engagements that Sinch enables every year

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Blow KPIs through the roof at every step of the customer journey

Build the setup you need to engage and serve customers across all the channels they use and enhance every step of their journey, for staggering business results: boost revenue, amplify engagement, and maximize ROI and efficiency — you’ll be amazed at how far conversations can take you. 

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Build with confidence and boost your business - with just a few lines of code

Our SDKs and APIs are tried and true! Choose your preferred code language — we'll adapt. Whatever it is you want to build, we’re here to make it as easy as possible. Get started in no time with our extensive developer documentation and intuitive tutorials!  

package example;

import com.sinch.xms.ApiConnection;
import com.sinch.xms.SinchSMSApi;
import com.sinch.xms.api.GroupResult;
import com.sinch.xms.api.MtBatchTextSmsResult;

public class Example {

  private static final String SERVICE_PLAN_ID = "SERVICE_PLAN_ID";
  private static final String TOKEN = "SERVICE_TOKEN";
  private static final String[] RECIPIENTS = {"1232323131", "3213123"};
  private static final String SENDER = "SENDER";

  public static void main(String[] args) {
    try (ApiConnection conn =
        ApiConnection.builder().servicePlanId(SERVICE_PLAN_ID).token(TOKEN).start()) {

      // Sending a simple Text Message
      MtBatchTextSmsResult batch =
                  .body("Something good")

      System.out.println("Successfully sent batch " + batch.id());

      // Creating simple Group
      GroupResult group = conn.createGroup(SinchSMSApi.groupCreate().name("Subscriber").build());

      // Adding members (numbers) into the group
          group.id(), SinchSMSApi.groupUpdate().addMemberInsertion("15418888", "323232").build());

      // Sending a message to the group
      batch =
                  .body("Something good")

      System.out.println("Successfully sent batch " + batch.id());
    } catch (Exception e) {
      System.out.println("Batch send failed: " + e.getMessage());


import clx.xms
import requests

client = clx.xms.Client(service_plan_id='{spid}', token='{token}')

create = clx.xms.api.MtBatchTextSmsCreate()
create.sender = '12345'
create.recipients = {'46123123123'}
create.body = 'Hello, world!'

    batch = client.create_batch(create)
except (requests.exceptions.RequestException,
    clx.xms.exceptions.ApiException) as ex:
    print('Failed to communicate with XMS: %s' % str(ex))


$client = new Clx\Xms\Client('{spid}', '{token}');

$batchParams = new \Clx\Xms\Api\MtBatchTextSmsCreate();
$batchParams->setBody('Hello, World!');

try {
    $result = $client->createTextBatch($batchParams);
    echo('Successfully sent batch ' . $result->getBatchId());
} catch (\Clx\Xms\ApiException $ex) {
    echo('Failed to communicate with XMS: ' . $ex->getMessage() . "\n");


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