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Engage your customers like never before - on any channel

CPaaS and APIs for SMS, Voice, Video & Verification

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Sinch Arc
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Reach every mobile phone on the planet, in seconds or less.

Why Sinch

We're not just experts in mobile engagement... We’re #1.

Increase online sales 120%

Engaging your customers the right way can help you more than double webshop orders. We know - we helped a major telco company do just that with a friendly online chatbot.

Achieve 2750x ROI

We helped a major automative company re-engage and convert end-of-funnel prospects not responding to email. The results of the personalized Rich SMS campaign speak for themselves.

Reduce no-shows by 50%

Are your customers missing appointments? Engaging SMS reminders help both them and you, making you more revenue.

Developer documentation

Get started in no time with our easy integration

import com.clxcommunications.xms.api.*;
import com.clxcommunications.xms.*;

public class Example {
			public static void sendSms() {
					try (ApiConnection conn = ApiConnection.builder()
					.servicePlanId("{spid}").token("{token}").start()) {
							MtBatchTextSmsResult batch = conn.createBatch(
							.body("Hello, world!")

							System.out.println("Successfully sent batch " + batch.id());
					} catch (Exception e) {
							System.out.println("Batch send failed: " + e.getMessage());
import clx.xms
import requests

client = clx.xms.Client(service_plan_id='{spid}', token='{token}')

create = clx.xms.api.MtBatchTextSmsCreate()
create.sender = '12345'
create.recipients = {'46123123123'}
create.body = 'Hello, world!'

    batch = client.create_batch(create)
except (requests.exceptions.RequestException,
    clx.xms.exceptions.ApiException) as ex:
    print('Failed to communicate with XMS: %s' % str(ex))
$client = new Clx\Xms\Client('{spid}', '{token}');

$batchParams = new \Clx\Xms\Api\MtBatchTextSmsCreate();
$batchParams->setBody('Hello, World!');

try {
		$result = $client->createTextBatch($batchParams);
		echo('Successfully sent batch ' . $result->getBatchId());
} catch (\Clx\Xms\ApiException $ex) {
		echo('Failed to communicate with XMS: ' . $ex->getMessage() . "\n");

Tried and trusted by developers around the world. Build with confidence and boost your business - with just a few lines of code.

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Engage with all mobile phones globally via a single connection. Sinch’s comprehensive API and super network of direct operators makes it quick, easy, and secure!

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Talk to your customers on their own home turf, build trust, and enrich the customer journey – all with one easy API.

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Fight fraud and secure your user data with friction-free verification. Sinch makes the experience seamless, with flexible integration options for SMS, Voice & Flash Calling.

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