Engaging chats that convert

Set automated rules to reduce cart abandonment, send personalized loyalty campaigns, and answer qualifying questions.

Know your customer

Create a pipeline for customer feedback, share updates, and get a 360 degree view of the userbase.

Service and support

Send order confirmations, address FAQ, and schedule appointments seamlessly in one inbox.

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Deliver standout mobile customer experience with Messenger

Create powerful two-way chats with rich media like images, videos, and files, and use Facebook Messenger's smart features to build frictionless experiences that drive long-term loyalty: enable seamless appointment scheduling with suggested replies, or allow your customers to skip the introductions by automating chats contextually.

Messenger conversation with a customer

Unify your customer care, service, and marketing messages on Facebook Messenger

Convert more leads than ever before with Facebook Ads. Engage users while they research and browse Facebook Ads, reward them with a seamless checkout on Facebook Pay, and be easily available for any questions they may have. Use Facebook Messenger for Business as part of our omnichannel Conversation API.

Facebook Messenger support conversation

User adoption

Customers are familiar with Facebook Messenger, so why not be a contact in their inbox? Cut through the clutter and extend your reach to an app that is opened 10 times more than emails.

Respond in real time

Address the mobile-first customer’s needs by automating conversations with chatbots. Hand off only the most advanced requests to a human agent, or set office hours for when you’re available. 

Omnichannel capability

Already using something else like SMS, WhatsApp, or RCS? Manage all your APIs in one integration with our Conversation API. Connect with your existing tools and customize your messaging toolkit.

Conversational commerce

Chats can help users browse your shop, make a purchase via Facebook Pay, and get an order confirmation alert in the same conversation. Connect with your CRM or an omnichannel API for personalization.

Convert from ads

Facebook ads help you get noticed. Continue the conversation with your prospects and gain insight across the customer journey.

Extended reach

Even if your customer loses wi-fi, SMS fallback ensures your message gets delivered every time.

Loyalty and rewards

Award your VIPs with personalized offers, seasonal sales, and product announcements.

Actionable analytics

Learn what converts and personalize and enhance the user experience. Stay relevant and learn from your customers. 

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Have questions?

  • How does the Facebook Messenger for Business platform work?

    When a person sends a message to a business’s page on Messenger, here’s what happens if the page uses an app to partially or fully automate conversations: Facebook’s server sends webhooks to the URL of the business’s server where the messaging app is hosted. Using the Send API, the app can respond to the person on Messenger.

Start a conversation with a global messaging expert

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Conversation API

One conversation. One customer profile. One API. All the messaging channels you need!


Take user experience to the next level with real-time conversational commerce on Instagram.


Send and receive text messages at scale through a single connection.


Sinch supports a wide range of channels so you can reach your customers wherever they are.

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