Build recognition

A short code is easier to remember, and that means customers are more likely to get in touch. Reach huge audiences at low costs.

Trustworthy from the get-go

Short codes have to comply with strict rules and regulations. That means you can instantly build trust, elevate your brand, and boost engagement - just by using one!

Campaign analysis

Using short codes as the identifier for your campaigns lets you track performance easily – useful data for future marketing!

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Use Sinch's SMS short code service for your campaigns

Make your messages instantly recognizable! Short codes are easy to remember, and when used effectively and consistently they can become synonymous with a brand. Deliver secure messages and stay connected with customers 24/7 by setting up automated responses.

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Reliable, fast, and secure SMS

Short codes are easy to use, since SMS doesn’t require downloading a new app or learning a new tool. That means short codes can reach huge audiences at low costs. Billions of text messages are sent and received every day. Get in on the action! 

Build with confidence and send SMS at scale

Short codes are comprised of a series of digits and are typically country specific. Provisioning of short codes and delivery rates vary considerably between countries, as short codes have to comply with strict rules and regulations. 

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Dedicated short code

Get a unique short code for your business only. Let it become one with your brand, generating high levels of engagement! 


Use our SMS Short Code API to trigger automatic responses and actions, moving mundane tasks from employees to software. 


Make your budget go further, using keywords to run multiple campaigns on a single SMS/MMS short code. 

Shared number

Need to get that campaign out soon? Share a campaign short code and get going straight away. It’s cheaper than having a unique number, too! Get in touch with us, as this is only available in certain regions.

FTEU (free to end user) short codes for SMS service

Be a hero and take on the bill for any messages sent to you. One less obstacle between you and your customers!

STD (standard rate MO) campaign short codes

In markets where FTEU short codes don’t exist, use standard codes, allowing customers to pay to send you messages.

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Got questions? We've got answers!

  • What is a short code?

    Short codes are network specific access codes used for sending and receiving messages (both SMS and MMS) between consumers and companies. Short codes are shorter than a normal mobile phone number and usually consist of three to eight digits, depending on the country. 

  • What’s the difference between virtual long numbers and short codes?

    The main difference between these two sender types is how they’re intended to be used. Virtual long numbers were designed to support P2P messages with a relatively low throughput of messages. Short codes were designed to support A2P bulk, higher throughput messaging – this is a preapproved route, which eliminates filtering. 
    Over time, demand for and use of messaging channels has changed and carriers have stepped in to get better control of the traffic on their networks in an effort to increase security and deliverability.

  • Do I need a virtual long number or short code?

    For most countries, you will only need a virtual long number or a short code if you wish to engage in two-way interactions with your customers. If you do not wish to engage in a two-way dialogue, then in most countries you can simply set the Sender ID (Originator) to something alphanumeric using your brand name, e.g. ‘Sinch.’ 
    However, in some countries like  the US and Canada, a short code or toll-free number is required regardless, as alphanumeric Sender IDs are not supported. For more information, please contact your Account Manager. 

  • Where do I get a short code?

    Sinch can assist in obtaining a short code in many countries. For the US, we recommend you go directly to the US Common Short Codes and obtain your short codes. Once the short code has been leased, the short code and the associated campaign(s) can be submitted for carrier approvals. 
    For short codes in other countries, please contact your Account Manager.

  • What attributes of a short code do I need to be aware of?

    In some countries using a short code Sender ID is mandatory to ensure the identity of the message sender is known at all times for compliance reasons and an opt-in MNO message must be sent first.     

    Similarly, in order to comply with local regulations, in some countries, certain keywords must be supported, e.g. STOP, INFO, and HELP. 

    Keep in mind short codes will only work on local domestic phones of the country of the short code, even while roaming abroad. 

  • Why are short codes popular and can they be used globally?

    They’re popular because they're memorable and hence easier to enter into a phone. They can also spell out memorable brand names. 
    Short codes are typically country specific; i.e., you need a short code per country and they rarely overlap across countries. 

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Set up quickly, build trust, and get high delivery rates? You can do it all with 10DLC!

Toll-Free Numbers

A toll-free SMS number inspires trust & confidence on the receiving end. Sinch toll-free texting makes it easy to engage with more customers!
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