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Short Codes

Turn numbers into brand assets

In a messaging campaign your number is representing
your brand, so why not make it recognizable? Short,
sweet & simple!

  • Become recognizable

    It's simple. A short code number is easier to remember & that makes people more likely to get in touch with you.

  • Trustworthy from the get-go

    Short numbers have to comply with strict rules & regulations, which means your brand can be instantly trusted just by using one.

  • Campaign analysis

    Use short code numbers as the identifier for your campaigns, then use that short number to assess which campaigns customers got fired up about - helpful data for future marketing.

Phone displaying a SMS message on the lock screen

2-Way Coverage

Using either a Virtual Long Number or Short Code you can start a 2-way conversation with your customers today!

  • Global coverage
  • 2-way availability
Graphic of the world map displaying Sinch Long Number and Short Code coverage

Short Codes Pricing

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