Hard-working campaigns, minus the hard work

No time nor inspiration? No problem. Sinch AI lets you create high-quality, conversion-driving marketing content with just a few clicks, on the channels your customers already use. Just prompt, check, and hit “send.” Easy! 

A marketing message generated by AI
AI answering a customer query

Not your average bots

Forget everything you think you know about virtual assistants. Our bot builder was designed with user experience and efficiency in mind, so you can create smarter chatbots, faster than ever. Chatbots that get problems solved. Chatbots customers actually want to talk to. 

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Sinch AI in action

See how Geertina and her team at Moet Ik Naar De Dokter (MINDD), a medical support service in the Netherlands, used Sinch AI to create a patient triage that's not only efficient but also safer and more accessible. 

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AI detecting a negative customer interaction

Inject intuition into the conversation

Detect customer sentiment, gauge intentions, analyze images, and proactively mask sensitive or inappropriate content; we’ve infused AI capabilities into our Conversation API to help you take conversation understanding to a whole new level and deliver the kind of experiences you once could only dream of. It’s like adding a sixth sense to your software! 

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Filter out the fraud

As a leading communications provider, we route and manage the flow of enormous messaging volumes. We use Sinch AI to detect suspicious activity, which allows us to prevent malicious attacks in real time while ensuring authentic communications speed through. 

AI filtering out fraud
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Intentional intelligence

Considerately designed AI 
When we build with AI, the guardrails aren’t optional. They're baked in from the first version, monitored continuously, and considered fundamental. 

That solves meaningful problems 
While we apply AI across an array of communications technologies, we prioritize the use cases with real impact. It’s not always glamorous AI, but it’s always valuable. 

Which empowers our customers to stand out 
All Sinch AI capabilities reinforce a common goal — helping our customers deliver smarter, safer conversational experiences that stand out. Faster. 

For the pioneers

Ready to push the boundaries of customer experience? Get in touch to chart your course with Sinch AI! 


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