Monetize Messaging

Without powerful and updated firewall protection, you risk missing new revenues. Claim your fair share of the growing enterprise messaging market by filtering out unpaid routes

Stay protected

Effective protection needs feature-rich software, enterprise messaging knowledge, and an updated service. At Sinch we optimize relentlessly - so you're covered on all fronts! 

Get unique expertise

Our team have been involved in mobile messaging since the start, they helped shape the industry! Our unparalleled expertise and insights give you the edge you need to stay safe. 

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SIM farm protection

Our SMS Firewall has the features and functionality to fight the threat of SIM farms – to boost your network security and ensure maximum revenue generation! 

Firewall update service

The constantly changing dynamic of the SMS market means that unmaintained firewalls quickly open up new opportunities for fraud. Our update services ensure a continuous layer of protection for the things you value most – your customers and your revenues period.

Grey route protection

Grey routes eat away at trust in SMS as a mobile messaging channel, by ignoring the rules of engagement between operators. The Sinch SMS Firewall helps by blocking grey routes and keeping enterprise traffic to approved channels. 

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