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By - August 29, 2018

Field Service: How Video Calling Makes Every Operative an Expert

Field service has traditionally embraced the mobile space to deliver new levels of efficiency. Ruggedized handsets combined with a cellular connection have for some time been a feature for all manner of field service applications – whether that’s signing for… read more

By - August 22, 2018

Video Calling Could be the Perfect Tonic for the Healthcare Sector

Globally the demand for healthcare services is escalating. At the same time digital channels, for most, is the preferred medium for accessing data and services.   The healthcare sector is beginning to respond by offering apps that provide routine medical services, booking appointments and access to personal medical data. Some healthcare providers have… read more

By - August 15, 2018

Is the Healthcare Industry Ready for Video Calling?

You may have seen our latest whitepaper on How Consumer Demand Is Shaping The Future Of Video Calling For Enterprises. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at our research to see if Healthcare is ready for Video… read more

By - August 9, 2018

Video Calling Could be the Magic Pill for the Healthcare Sector

It’s no secret that people are living longer, and that globally the population is expanding. According to the most recent United Nations DESA report, the world’s population is expected to increase one billion fold by 2025, with 300 million aged 65 or older.    One consequence of an ageing population is the increased demand for… read more

By - August 7, 2018

The Future of Video Calling for Enterprises: What I learned from Sinch’s Latest Whitepaper

Sinch approached me for my opinion on their new whitepaper — research conducted in collaboration with One Poll to discover how consumer demand is shaping the future of video calling for enterprises. The Truth About Video Calling The whitepaper is… read more

By - July 31, 2018

What Role Is Video Calling Playing For Banks?

Where once customer service was a lumbering process, now an array of communication channels and platforms are available including chatbots, SMS, messaging apps and video calling, all made available via CPaaS platforms and simple integration via APIs.   As a result, consumers have become fickle…. read more

By - July 24, 2018

Video Calling in the Banking Sector – What Our Primary Research Has Shown

Our recent whitepaper on Video Calling – How Consumer Demand Is Shaping The Future Of Video Calling For Enterprises, highlighted industries that have embraced Video Calling and are already using it to reach out to consumers. Banking in particular stood… read more

By - July 17, 2018

Banks Need to Dial up Video Calling as a Customer Service Touch-Point

Banks used to close at three PM and could rely on customer loyalty, usually for a lifetime. Now multiple factors are colluding to shake up the market, centralized around the power of the consumer. The banking sector is undergoing a… read more

By - July 11, 2018

Consumer Demand Is Shaping The Future Of Video Calling for Enterprises

In many sectors, face-to-face customer conversations have been replaced with text messages, chat apps and chat bots. At the same time, businesses are feeling a sense of urgency to deliver an excellent customer experience as a competitive differentiator, and with smartphones… read more