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Facebook Developer Conference
By - April 5, 2018

F8 Facebook Developer Conference

We will be attending the F8 Facebook Developer Conference from May 1st – 2nd in California, USA. This 2-day event is where developers and businesses explore what’s next in technology and learn about the new products and innovations Facebook is… read more

Microsoft Build
By - April 5, 2018

Microsoft Build

Microsoft’s ultimate developer event is almost here, Microsoft Build gathers innovative minds to connect, get inspired, and explore the future of the cloud, AI, mixed reality and more. The Sinch team will be heading to one of the fastest growing tech… read more

By - March 29, 2018

Android Tutorials Update!

We’ve been busy working on some of our Android tutorials here at Sinch! In this blog post we’ll give you a quick run-down on what we’ve updated, and how each tutorial could benefit you and your customers. App to App… read more

Chained Phone
By - December 8, 2017

Preventing Fraud on your Sinch Services using our Verification API

Since 1957, when a five-year-old boy with perfect pitch first phreaked AT&T switches and invented phreaking, phones have been a target for different types of fraud that costs customers and phone companies billions of dollars. However, if you’re using the… read more

Sinch CallKit
By - December 7, 2017

December 2017 – What’s New?

Check out what’s been happening here at Sinch and industry-wide recently… CallKit Support Now Available Great news! In our latest SDK release, CallKit support for iOS is now (finally!) available from Sinch. With an improved answer rate and overall calling… read more

Use Cases
By - July 11, 2017

Bringing Video to 100M+ Users on Mocospace

We recently had the opportunity to connect with Justin Siegel, CEO and Co-Founder of Mocospace, the app where you can make new friends, play games, and just be you. Founded in 2005, Mocospace has become the go-to mobile community for… read more

Video Launch
By - April 13, 2017

Introducing Sinch Video

With the Sinch Video SDK, you can easily add real-time video calling to anywhere in the world over a data connection or WiFi from your website or app. Sinch offers high quality video communication and seamless integration into any existing… read more

Use Cases
Rep App
By - February 2, 2017


Rep makes it easy to build partnerships with the right influencers, expand your fan base, and ultimately monetize your social media presence. Nearly a year and a half ago, one of Rep’s founders, Isaac Lekach was trying to sell his… read more

Use Cases
By - December 1, 2016


Observify is media and web monitoring made easy – a real-time solution that helps businesses track their reputations online. The team works with a range of reputable brands, including Truecaller, Marimekko, King, and Kia Motors. Observify believes every brand and… read more