Get more value out of your existing infrastructure

Complexity down; revenue up. Sounds nice, right? Because it’s a managed cloud-based service, all you need to do is reroute traffic to Messaging Proxy to score additional value from your existing infrastructure

Quicker, more accurate routing

Sinch Messaging Proxy collects messaging in a single feed. The service classifies the message as either A2P or P2P, and sends them to the relevant platform for delivery and billing. Easy! 

Transform legacy messaging

Simplified management of A2P and P2P messages and outsourced transmissions means you can better monetize SMS traffic. And offer enhanced messaging services! 

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Cloud-based service

Get value quicker - with our managed service, you can avoid associated capital expenditure and the commitment of internal resources. It’s a long-term investment in a future-proofed platform

SS7 and IP compatible

Messaging Proxy collects messaging traffic in a single feed, regardless of SS7 or IP protocol. It then classifies the messages as either A2P or P2P, and sends them along the highest-quality route to the relevant platform for delivery and billing

Optimized for enterprise customers

Don’t worry about all that red tape. We handle local industry and regulatory requirements, keeping things easy for enterprises. Combined with better message routing, that means better customer reach for you, boosting your A2P message volume and revenue

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