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Smart, scalable phone number verification

Secure your business and enhance relationships with your customers through simple, secure sign-ups and logins. Win-win.

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Why verify with Sinch

Verify users. Fight fraud. Build trust.

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    Global reach

    With our extensive network of global direct operators and intelligent routing, Sinch is ideal for scaling your business globally.
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    Superior customer experience

    We make sign-up and sign-in friction free - while maintaining top-level security.
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    Quality conversions

    Sinch can verify users on any device, across platforms, in multiple languages - helping you achieve an optimal conversion rate!
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Deeper insights

Get the latest insights on verification solutions

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FB Account Kit is closing

If you need to find a new verification solution to secure your communities, look no further. Discover how to secure the login process and verify new users with Sinch today.


Secure Verification

Time to get verified

Check a Q&A session with Magnus Lundstedt, Verification Product Manager at Sinch, and learn how easy and quick it is to get started with Sinch Verification.


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Why Sinch Verification?

We have outlined four major reasons why you should sign up with Sinch for Verification services. 


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Step up authentication

Fraud analysts need to be agile and adaptive to keep up with creative fraudsters – watch our latest webinar in partnership with Nets Denmark to find out how.