No one likes to receive harassing, abusive or fraudulent calls.

The definition of the word BRIDGE is "something that joins or connects" and that's a pretty good description of what Sinch Voice does. Primarily, we provide interconnection services, or a "telecommunications bridge," so phone calls can travel from one service provider's network to another service provider's network. 

Sinch Voice Bridge

BEFORE you fill out the form below, please take note:

  1. Any report where the web name, email address, or subject line contains vulgar or obscene language WILL NOT be processed and will be closed without investigation. We hate scam calls as much as you do (we get them too), but please keep it civil.
  2. Any report that does not contain the calling number, a valid called number and the date and time of the call(s) cannot be investigated and in most cases WILL NOT be processed. Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis.
  3. Sinch Voice is primarily a wholesale provider of telecommunications interconnection services. We do not make calls to consumers and are prohibited by law from knowing the identity of our customer’s end users. All reports submitted via this form must be forwarded to our wholesale customer for investigation and resolution.
  4. Due to federal Customer Proprietary Network Information regulations, Sinch Voice CANNOT provide any information about our customers unless we have consent from our customer to do so.
  5. Sinch Voice will promptly forward your report to our customer. In most cases, we will provide a response via email ONLY in the following cases (please note if you don’t provide a valid email address you cannot be contacted):
    1. The number reported is not with Sinch Voice;
    2. The number is inactive and has likely been spoofed; or
    3. We have been granted consent from our wholesale customer to disclose their  information so you can contact them directly for assistance.
  6. All reports sent to any individual employee or dedicated department email address, including in particular [email protected] will be closed without investigation.
  7. This form should be used to report scam calls or fraudulent calls and texts only. We cannot process reports where, for example, the call is simply unwanted (such as an unwanted message from someone with whom you had a previous personal relationship), is a single random hangup call (misdialed numbers can and do happen), or an unwanted but not illegal political communication (these are not prohibited if the message is sent in compliance with federal regulations). Do not report such non-actionable/one-time only occurrences to us. Rather, please consider blocking the number or contacting your own service provider for assistance in doing so. Please only report matters that are persistent problems and which cannot be addressed by such blocking arrangements.
  8. If you need additional information about spoofing or stopping unwanted calls, the Federal Trade Commission and Federal Communications Commission have both posted information and tips on their websites to help consumers including information about call blockers, the national Do Not Call Registry and how to report numbers associated with scam calls.

How to protect yourself from scammers

PLEASE READ! If you are receiving persistent fraudulent, abusive or threatening calls or texts and you are concerned for your safety we strongly urge you to contact your local law enforcement agency.

Report Scams/Fraud