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Perks for your customers – and for your business

  • Stop revenue leakage before it starts

    Let employees talk with customers on their phones while keeping numbers private. Use number masking to protect sensitive data while fostering seamless communication.

  • Keep customers in the know

    Inform customers about important account activity. Examples include low balance alerts, password resets, or bill reminders. Select the notification channel and frequency of alerts to your customer’s preferences.

  • Secure, fast, and reliable account access

    Hooray for low latency! Use SMS, voice, or flash call verification as a measure of security to identify users. Secure login and sign up from unwanted visitors with number verification and 2FA and make the process smooth.

  • Say no to no-shows

    Reduce no-shows by delivering appointment reminders via SMS or any other mobile channel. Also, notify standby clients about new appointment availabilities.

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Reduce non-pickups

Send delivery reminders with the estimated time of arrival via SMS. Or send a personalized SMS to say that an item is available for pick-up. Either way, reduce the costs of wasted deliveries!

20% reduction in no shows

35% decrease in non-pickups

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Stop no-shows

Did you know missed appointments cost UK General Practitioners over £13,000 on average? But you can do something about it! SMS reminders have helped Sinch customers drastically reduce the number of missed appointments significantly – and save money!

50% reduction in missed appointments

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Seamless sign in and sign up

You need to verify retail customers – but in a way that won’t make them drop off! Use 2FA to verify a user phone numbers, boosting sign-up and conversion of new customers. Ka-ching!

11% increase in conversion

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Secure your revenue streams

Why do ride-hailing customers love Sinch? Because we enable voice calling between driver and customer, without disclosing the real numbers. More security for the customer – more revenue for your company.

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Boost revenue

Prevent fraud, keep customers secure, and increase conversion rates. Yes, they go together! An incredible, safe customer experience means lower churn and more revenue. To keep you and your customers happy!

Cut costs

Stop losing money on no-shows or orders that aren’t picked up in time. Keep customers notified with service delivery messaging on all the channels they love!

Enhance engagement

Did you know that customers are 35x more likely to open a mobile message than an email? Start customizing and automating those messages, and sending them on every channel your customers want – with Sinch tools, it’s easy!

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