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Get the best delivery rate with voice verification

Deliver One Time Passcodes via voice text-to-speech, making sure numbers can still be verified regardless of accessibility or fixed line issues.

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The power of voice verification

Simple yet secure

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    Reach customers on any device

    Make sure you can reach users on any device. If SMS or Flash Call doesn't cut it, voice verification can step in to save the day & deliver the OTP code.
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    Country customization

    Verifying users on a global scale? No worries, with Sinch you can change your voice prompt depending on where in the world you’re sending to, making sure you always hit the mark when it comes to local customs & language.
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    Global reach

    Verify users around the corner or around the world! Make sure your voice verification gets delivered to end users no matter where they are - with Sinch you can reach more than 200 countries & territories.
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Customizable verification based on your needs

Multiple language support

Let us worry about which language your end user needs their voice call in – our API has it all under control!

Verification compliance

Verify phone, landline or sight impaired individuals & make sure you’re keeping in line with the American Disabilities Act (ADA) in the US.

Callback function

Need confirmation of verification? No problem! We’ve got you covered with a quick callback to your backend when end users have been verified.

Devoted to data protection

Strong privacy, data protection and security are at the heart of our mission - so of course we do our best to make sure we're compliant with GDPR and other privacy policies.


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    Reach customers on any device
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    Country customization
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    Global reach
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Start elevating your business with Voice Verification

Be in control of your business by adding an additional layer of access security. We are also available to discuss your business needs and find the right solution for you.