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Want to find out more about verification in the banking and online payment industries?


Fraud analysts need to be agile, creative, and adaptive to keep up. Consumers need to be protected with reduced friction during the purchase process and respected privacy. This may present some obstacles for banks and merchants. Find out how to stay safe and maintain a positive customer experience in our webinar. Watch the video now!

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Why you need to watch this webinar...

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    Focus on prevention

    Learn how to take a more risk based approach to fraud, focusing on prevention rather than detection
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    Combine data

    Find out how combining data across the payments chain on a cross-border level can help fight fraud
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    Learn from Nets

    Learn how Nets approach security enhancement while ensuring the customer experience remains positive
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    Use cases

    We'll dive into some use cases and examples of phishing 2FA exploitation and discuss the actions you can take to protect your business
Laptop showing opening slide of Nets Bank webinar
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