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Reach the world with our powerful SMS API

Send and receive text messages through a single connection for timely and cost efficient communications.

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The power of SMS

Send to everyone, connect individually

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    Get instant attention

    Connect with your customers on the channel with the highest reach, open and read rates.
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    Enjoy a wider reach

    Our carrier grade platform, with more than 250+ direct connections, ensures every message is delivered where and when it matters.
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    Scale with confidence

    Take advantage of our local and international knowledge to expand globally with ease.
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Use cases

Improve communications, reduce churn and expand globally

Grab attention

Become more relevant to your customers by building engaging conversations on the channels they already use. Our SMS platform also allows for personalization and localization of your messages, to make communications even more tailored.

Enhance the experience

Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty, by delivering messages when and where they matter most, with our low latency and superior delivery rate. Sinch solutions help to build trust and enhanced experiences at all touch points along the customer journey.

Optimize your business

Support business transactions with revenue generation, service delivery and customer care via personalized and bulk SMS messages, all in a time and cost effective manner. The Sinch SMS API delivers messages fast, reliably and at the best price.

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Tailored SMS messaging setup

Nordea, the largest financial services group in the Nordics and one of the biggest banks in Europe, got help from Sinch with building a new tailored SMS messaging service to include SMS traffic rules and delivery tracking. “We see a long term mobile messaging partner in Sinch. Their ability to customize standard solutions in a highly accommodating & transparent way is one of the reasons we chose them” - Jan Henrik Andersen, Head of Application Support, Nordea

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Scalable solution for time critical notifications

AGENT511 delivers integrated and interactive communications platform for utility companies and energy services. To enhance their customers experiences and enable high volume traceable SMS sending service used cloud based messaging solution from Sinch. “Sinch provided our utility customers with scalable, auditable platform for delivering high volume, critical pro-active notifications for outage, billing and demand response”.- Jay Malin, Managing Director, AGENT511

"Our work with Sinch began in 2008 and is vital in delivering not just messages, but on our promise of meeting customers where they want to be met."

Kelly Kaminskas

Digital and Retail President , FirstBank

Learn how to engage, inspire, and sustain conversations with customers during and post-COVID with our latest report: Customer experience in a transformed world.

Get started

Get going in no time with our easy integration


Non developers

Build with confidence and boost your business by adding just a few lines of code.

  1. Create an account without a credit card
  2. Send test traffic
  3. Receive your test text
  4. Install the SDKs and start developing your application
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curl -X POST \
-H "Authorization: Bearer {token}" \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '
"from": "12345",
"to": [
"body": "Hi there! How are you?"
}' \

Sign up on our web portal and start sending SMS in less than 5 minutes. Our web portal:

  1. Is simple to use - no coding skills required
  2. Is free - we give you credit to test with
  3. Gives you access to our whole messaging portfolio
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Build trust and transform customer experiences 

Enhance your SMS verification with an additional layer of security and an app-like look and feel with Verified SMS. In addition to the approved ‘verification mark’, your company profile will be displayed; including logo, name, business description and preview link, extending your brand to the mobile platform and boosting.

Learn more & get access

Competitive and transparent pricing

With our direct local operator connections and intelligent routing we ensure your message is delivered quickly, reliably and at the best price.


Customizable, scalable and reliable

One-way and two-way SMS

If you don’t need a reply, one-way SMS messaging can come in handy. Turn your text messages into an engaging conversation by letting customers reply to you right there on the spot.

Tier 1 super network

With over 250 direct carrier relationships, we cut out the middleman and bring your SMS messages directly to phones across the world – quickly and with supreme quality.

Carrier grade platform

Our platform is robust, secure and fast, ensuring a service that scales with your needs to send bulk business SMS in a snap.

Smart routing

Our intelligent routing engine prioritizes for cost and speed of messages delivery, depending on your business needs.

Global compliance

Our platform has roots in all corners of the world, giving you the freedom to choose where to send SMS messages. Sinch are always compliant with regulations and your customer data is in safe hands.

Safety first

Together with carriers, regulators and industry bodies we take an active part in working for a clean ecosystem. Preventing fraud and spam ensures that you and your customers can enjoy the full benefits the SMS channel has to offer.

Customer insights

In our self-serve portal you can manage your campaigns and get access to delivery reports to help you make more informed business decisions.

Local numbers

With us you will get access to carefully tested virtual local numbers and short codes for two-way SMS communication in over 60 Countries.

SMS Regulations

Every country has its own rules and regulations for SMS. To help you understand and navigate these rules, we have compiled extensive guidelines including regulations, services available, and best practices for a given country. Find the up-to-date country guides on the Sinch self-serve portal.


Our competitive and transparent SMS messaging pricing

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    Global coverage
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    Easy to implement REST or SMPP APIs
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    Web-based tool available for non-techies

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Frequently asked questions

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Add value to your business with SMS solutions from Sinch

Send your very first SMS with Sinch in less than 5 minutes through our self-serve portal or talk to us if you need help with finding the right solution for your business needs.

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    Get instant attention
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    Enjoy wider reach
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    Scale with confidence
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