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WhatsApp Business API: Connecting you with the world

Tap into 2 billion users. Sending a WhatsApp message to your customers couldn’t be easier or more secure with the WhatsApp Business API

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One of the largest communications platforms

Why use WhatsApp for business

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    Display your brand

    Earn recognition and create trust in your brand by building a WhatsApp business profile to share with the world.
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    Reach your customers

    Speak to customers in real time. Set up automated messages in seconds and get quick replies
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    Rich two-way chats

    Use pictures, audio, video and response lists - to create an unmatched customer experience
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    Security as standard

    Send time-sensitive messages with confidence. WhatsApp business accounts enjoy end to end encryption so messages can’t be tampered with en route.
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Use cases

Create engaging, programmable two-way conversations

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Reduce cart abandonment

WhatsApp messages can help reduce cart abandonment rates by up to 35%. A quick message to gently remind on that dream purchase that wasn’t quite completed can make a big difference to your bottom line.

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Reduce churn rate

When you give the people what they want, they want it even more. Improve the customer experience by sending relevant and timely messages to your customers and wait for increased trust and loyalty to follow.

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Reduce operational cost

By creating a WhatsApp channel with a simple decision tree built on FAQs, we helped a company in the retail e-commerce space digitize interactions to reduce calls by 26%, significantly lowering call center costs.


All the tools you need to start a conversation with your customers

Conversations at scale

Bring conversations into your entire customer journey by scaling with WhatsApp for business – get ready to start a conversation with the world.

Integrate with ease

We can help integrate the WhatsApp API into your systems, so you can start delivering immediate, two-way conversations and minimizing customer friction on the path to purchase to the 2 billion WhatsApp users out there!

Have a backup plan

Worried you might not be heard if your customer’s handset doesn’t accept incoming messages from WhatsApp? Relax, we’ve got you covered with SMS fallback to make sure every message gets delivered, every time.

Improve analytics

Boost campaign performance using powerful WhatsApp business metrics to help you better understand and engage with your customers. Put analytics to work and map out the perfect, friction free customer journey.

Keep it personal

Improve loyalty, increase engagement, build better relationships and set yourself apart from the competition with rich, personalized messages – the possibilities are endless.

New! Promotional messages

As of June 7, 2021, WhatsApp Business API will support more types of messages people opt-in to receive, making it easier to follow up with customers outside of a 24-hour window. For more information, read our FAQ.

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    Display your brand
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    Reach your customers
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    Rich two way chats
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    Security as standard
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