How iFood served up conversational AI to improve B2B communication with drivers, restaurants, and end-users

Customer Story
Getting customer service spot on can be hard work; effective scaling is even more difficult. Leading LATAM food delivery platform iFood knows just how tricky it can be, which is why they faced the challenge head-on with the help of AI.
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Challenge: High volume of support inquiries overwhelming agents 

Solution: Chatbot to scale customer support and automate new restaurant onboarding 

Results: Significant service delivery cost reduction and a massive boost to satisfaction scores 


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reduction in delivery service costs


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Food Delivery



iFood is one of the largest online food delivery platforms in South America. It connects customers with their favorite restaurants through its website and mobile app, making food delivery easy and enjoyable. 

Founded in Brazil in 2011, iFood has grown to serve 15,000 restaurants and processes an incredible four million orders monthly. Holding an 80% market share for food delivery in Brazil, it’s safe to say iFood is the go-to platform for food delivery in LATAM! 

Challenge: Scaling up customer service 

iFood faced a significant challenge with driver customer service — they relied on a staffed support center to solve their problems when drivers were on the go. But this approach was time-consuming and almost impossible to scale, posing a risk to driver satisfaction and cost efficiency. 

iFood needed to improve its entire delivery chain and focus on signing up more restaurants, registering new delivery staff, and boosting sales and customer service for the end user. 

Solution: Bringing AI to the table 

Enter Chatlayer and the magic of conversational AI. With the help of Sinch, iFood implemented a chatbot on popular messaging apps like WhatsApp and the website to ramp up customer support and automate crucial processes like onboarding new drivers or restaurants. 

The iFood chatbot addressed customer challenges and streamlined the onboarding process for new restaurants and delivery staff. This move allowed iFood to provide faster gift card conversions and measure NPS scores through end-customer, restaurant, and employee surveys. 

With the chatbot in place, iFood is now enjoying fully automated customer support services, making it more efficient and effective for everyone involved. 

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Results: Reducing costs at scale 

iFood took a big step forward thanks to Sinch’s Conversational AI solution — the results speak for themselves! The AI solution handles and automates 45% of incoming inquiries, resulting in a 70% reduction in delivery costs. Plus, delivery staff onboarded by the chatbot gave iFood a whopping 91% satisfaction score. 

With Chatlayer, our customer satisfaction increased, and we fully automated 94.5% of tickets. Chatlayer was easy to integrate with our existing CRM platform.
Marianna Leite
Head of Commercial, iFood