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RCS vs SMS: What's the difference?

SMS long ago established itself as the mobile messaging technology of choice, but today, RCS can complement SMS’s more limited features. Here's how they both can help you engage with your customers effectively, if a little differently.

How RCS verified senders can build customer trust

An RCS verified sender profile means recipients see your brand’s logo, name, and color in every message to build trust and confirm your messages are coming from a legitimate source.

Branded messages with RCS

RCS branded messages can help businesses stand out and, ultimately, achieve better results from messaging campaigns. Discover in this pre-recorded session why this innovative messaging channel is making people so excited.  

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stats showing success of Picard when using Sinch
Nissan saw 4.7x higher engagement and a 80% conversion rate with RCS messaging
Cdiscount saw a 4% increase and revenue and 9% increase in average basket size with RCS
Macif's RCS campaign resulted in 100% increases in click rates vs SMS, and 200% vs email
RCS market updates

Apple to roll out RCS support in 2024

The primary limitation for RCS now is its exclusive availability on Android devices, though Apple announced in November 2023 that it would adopt the RCS messaging standard for iPhone sometime in 2024. Here’s what we know so far.

Shaping the future of RCS for business messaging

Learn how RCS could shape the future of business messaging from experts at Sinch, Google, Orange, and Picard.


How to nail conversational messaging

Your customers want to chat with you on all their favorite channels, but can they? Learn how to maximize your conversational messaging channels to start winning at customer engagement.

Watch: RCS deep dive

Tune into a pre-recorded session led by messaging experts covering all the essential updates on the future of RCS, insights into potential shifts following the Apple’s announcement, and practical recommendations to maintain a competitive edge.


Actionable tips and strategies

6 innovative holiday campaign ideas using RCS

Learn how six global brands have created hyper-personalized, effective marketing RCS campaigns to create memorable, impactful experiences and boost holiday sales.

10 examples of mobile marketing campaigns to inspire you

Create mobile marketing experiences that engage customers wherever they are and deliver unique, memorable experiences. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

5 ways retailers can use RCS

Dive into how RCS can help elevate personalized promotions, dynamic product catalogs, abandoned cart programs, and more to drive retail sales.

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Branded, trusted messages

Every message comes from a branded, rich sender profile. 

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Increased analytics

Track message engagement with advanced data.

Elevate customer engagement

Deliver visually appealing messages that help create a genuine connection.

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