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RCS - the next level of customer engagement
CPaas insights

Branded messages with RCS

RCS has been on the radar for a while now, and it's arrived to elevate customer engagement and satisfaction. Get ready to explore its incredible potential in this webinar. 

Watch RCS-expert and thought leader Stuart Mitchell and moderator Lotta Forså have a conversation about what the fuss is all about, and he will explain how you can: 

  • Get started with RCS  

  • Achieve better results from your messaging campaigns  

  • Increase brand awareness and trust by verifying your brand  

  • Make your content more engaging and fun (more images, less text)!  

  • Learn RCS best practices from some global Sinch customers 

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Enhanced user experience


Branded, verified sender IDs

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Improved reporting data

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No technical changes to transition from SMS to RCS


Typically same cost per message as SMS

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SMS as fallback

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