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SMS verification you and your customers will love

Secure login & sign-up, reduce churn, and boost revenue – all through the power of a text.

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Protect your customers - and your business

The power of SMS verification

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    Friction-free sign up

    Get going in minutes! Integrate with our REST API on your backend or SDK on the client. Nice & simple.
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    Delivery you can trust

    You can count on Sinch. We ensure carrier compliance with optimal routing, so you can be sure every SMS is delivered, every time.
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    Global scalability

    Sending abroad can be tricky. Different legislation and customs are hard to navigate. That’s where we come in. We have local knowledge in 150+ countries, with the reach and expertise you need to scale.
SMS Verification

Verify customers securely and at scale with SMS

Universally available on mobile devices, texts are known the world over. Keep it simple with a one-time passcode via SMS for sign-up, login, or transaction approvals

Competitive and transparent pricing

With our direct local operator connections and intelligent routing we ensure your verification message is delivered quickly, reliably and at the best price.

Get started

Send your first verification SMS in minutes

Our SMS authentication integrates seamlessly into your signup flow through our REST API. We make it easy:

  1. Sign up for a free account
  2. Create your application access credentials
  3. Add your API access key
  4. Send verification request to phone number to verify
  5. Send a report verification request with the code you received
  6. Voila - verification complete!
Want to start building? Get free credits.
curl -X POST \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" --data " \
{ \
"identity": { \
"type":"number", \
"endpoint":"+1555123123" \
}, \
"method":"sms" \
}" \

Use cases

How SMS verification can boost your business

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Build trust and fight fraud

SMS verification helps your business to limit spam accounts, fight fraud, build a better customer experience, and reduce churn. Defend login and sign up from unwanted visitors by verifying user possession of number - and make the process even more secure by adding second-factor authentication.

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Optimize conversion rates

One of our clients boosted conversions by 11% using our SMS verification solution for single-factor authentication (SFA). In addition, Sinch helps you stay on top of your conversion rate with our reporting API and real-time statistics on user interactions - helping you achieve an optimal conversion rate.

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Totally verified votes

Netherlands based Oceanwide Expeditions specialize in expedition-style journeys to Antarctica and the Arctic via their own fleet of ice-strengthened vessels. When the company needed a secure way to run a global competition based on votes, it was essential that all customer logins and votes were verified. Vote buying or fraudulent vote gathering was strictly off limits. That's where Sinch came in.


Everything you need in an SMS verification service

Custom templates

Not sure what you want (or need) to say in your phone number verification SMS? No worries, we can set up a customized template just for you.

Reporting API

Get real-time analytics on conversion rates and user interactions with our reporting API - helping you gain insight into quality metrics per country.

Flexible integration

REST API, or SDK for Android, JavaScript, IOS? We’ve got you covered! Thanks to our flexible integration options and self-serve portal, implementation is easy.

Route optimization

Sinch uses intelligent routing optimized specifically for verification SMS, to ensure that your customers are verified on the spot without delay.

Automatic OTP interception

With SMS verification, the one-time password (OTP) is intercepted automatically - making the customer experience seamless from the first touchpoint.

Devoted to data protection

Strong privacy, data protection and security are at the heart of our mission - so of course we do our best to make sure we're compliant with GDPR and other privacy policies.


Our transparent and competitive pricing for SMS Verification

Sign up & get started today!

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    Quick sign up, get started in 5 minutes!
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    Use free test credit
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    Easy to implement APIs & SDKs

Other questions about pricing? Talk to a pricing expert.


Frequently asked questions

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    Friction free sign up
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    Delivery you can trust
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    Global scalability
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Be in control of your business by adding an additional layer of access security

Protect your customers shared data and eliminate spammers and frauds attacks on your business with flexible and reliable SMS Verification solution from Sinch.