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SMS Verification delivered to your door

Aiqfome leverage SMS Verification from Sinch to secure 2 million users and protect client revenue

Founded in 2007, aiqfome quickly became one of the largest food delivery platforms in Brazil. But with that kind of success comes challenges, one of which is dealing with the inevitable downside of app management, and fraudulent users trying to buck the system.

3rd largest

food delivery platform in Brazil

3.5 million

app downloads

1.2 million

orders handled per month


cities across Brazil using

Reducing fraud and duplicate accounts

Aiqfome was experiencing issues with users creating multiple fake accounts in their app to use discount coupons more than once. This affected not only the general security of the aiqfome community but also the bottom line of aiqfome’s 10,000 partner restaurants.

Aiqfome considered the best way to stop users from creating multiple accounts. Their first thought was to isolate the one thing users only have one of – their phone, and by extension their phone number. If a phone number was only able to register with the app once, coupon abuse and fraud could be eliminated.

Putting the mobile user experience first

The most important thing to aiqfome when finding a partner to work with on this project was reliability. They needed someone they could trust implicitly to deliver on a smooth and consistent mobile UX. As Felipe Cousin, Head of Technology at aiqfome, explains, “We care a lot about the user experience, so we needed a partner that would work perfectly.” At Sinch customer experience is also key, and mobile communications is where we excel.

Aiqfome got in touch with Sinch to talk through the problems they were having. As a result, they are now enjoying the Sinch SMS Verification solution via Android and iOS to verify all-new app sign-ups. They’re now sending a verification code via text message, to a customer’s real phone number for them to verify their new account.

This has significantly decreased the number of fake and duplicate accounts. It’s also reduced the lost revenue that was being seen by aiqfome’s network of partner restaurants.

Scaling internationally with ease

At Sinch, we’re all about helping businesses grow – we build scalability into the foundations of every solution we offer. Whether that need is realized sooner or later, we’re ready to grow with you.

Turns out this approach worked well for aiqfome.

“Sinch has drastically reduced the number of fake accounts and fraud on our platform,” says Felipe Cousin. “In addition, as a global company, it was easy to use their services in another country when we started to expand internationally.”

Thanks to the Sinch SMS Verification solution, aiqfome not only achieved their goal – they surpassed it. A safer community for app users, reduced fraudulent activity, and the ability to expand into new territories with minimal fuss.

Key Facts




SMS Verification


Food Delivery




Reduce fraud by ensuring only one account per user


Verify all user accounts / phone numbers via SMS Verification


Significant reduction in the number of fake and duplicate accounts

" Sinch has drastically reduced the number of fake accounts and fraud on our platform. In addition, as a global company, it was easy to use their services in another country when we started to expand internationally. "

Felipe Cousin

Head of Technology, Aiqfome

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