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Triodos Bank, a world leader in sustainable banking, relies on Sinch to help ensure customer account security. We spoke with David Barreales, IT Manager at Triodos Bank Spain, about how Sinch SMS Verification has provided an extra layer of account security while simplifying sign-ups and logins.
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Challenge: Customer account security in a time of fraud  

Solution: SMS Verification from Sinch for smooth and secure sign-ups and logins 

Results: Increased account security, a simplified sign-up process, and higher conversions


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Challenge: Preventing fraudulent transactions  

Founded in the Netherlands in 1980, Triodos Bank’s mission is to make money work for positive change. Active in five European countries including Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Spain, Triodos Bank is a leader in sustainable banking that offers its members more than just a bank – and rather, a community.  

To keep their community safer, Triodos Bank realized they needed to find a hyper-secure solution to verify users logging in to their mobile app or online portal — a solution that could both prevent fraudulent transactions and enhance user experience.   

Solution: Verified customer identities and accounts  

Establishing digital trust with customers is a strategic requirement for most businesses – especially banks. Triodos Bank needed a solution for account security that would work for its community of 170,000 existing clients in Spain and could easily be rolled out to new clients.  

The company quickly rolled out SMS Verification to all active customer accounts, and now sends approximately 250,000 text messages per month. 

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Using Sinch SMS Verification, Triodos Bank sends a one-time password (OTP) to a user’s registered mobile number when there’s an attempt to log in to their online account or mobile app. With industry-leading delivery rates, Sinch SMS works across mobile devices so that Triodos Bank can reach any customer and verify their identity as they log in, quickly and easily.  

Results: Simplified operations and secured transactions  

Triodos Bank was most concerned about protecting their community, and thanks to SMS Verification from Sinch, they now have a solution that offers their members peace of mind that they’re conducting transactions safely and securely.  

“Sinch has simplified our operations with OTP functionality,” said Barreales. “Customers receive a password quickly and easily, and then they can readily perform secure transactions in their accounts.”  

And that’s not all: By streamlining the sign-up process with SMS Verification, Triodos Bank has also maximized the number of new customers creating digital accounts.  

What made Sinch stand out is its delivery rate, real-time customer insights, easy and flexible integration options, and global super network.
David Barreales
IT Manager, Triodos Bank Spain