Sinch is proven and trusted in empowering financial service providers to deliver hyper-personalized customer experiences

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We deliver 51 billion interactions annually for the hundreds of financial services companies we serve

Check out our customer stories for examples of uptick in customer experience, conversions, and improved security these interactions are driving! 

So, how do we do it? It all starts with the unrivalled reach and direct connections our secure global network enables. Add our unmatched portfolio of communication channels and services, and there you have it: hyper-personalized customer experiences, unified conversations across any channel, anywhere in the world and long-term value for your business.

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Make digital banking easy – and safe

  • Offer world-class security

    People expect their financial institutions to be secure – duh. Build trust with verification tools, encrypted channels like WhatsApp, and a partner that’s ISO 27001 accredited. (Like Sinch!) 

  • Stop fraud in its tracks

    No one likes fraud. It’s bad for you and for your customers! Keep customers safe with 2-factor authentication, notify them of suspicious activity with account alerts on their preferred channels  

  • Send friendly reminders and helpful alerts

    Is a payment deadline coming up? Help your customers stay on top with messaging. Or send account updates, transfer confirmations, and other helpful notifications! 

  • Build customer relationships that last

    Customers want to hear more from their banks, on the channels that suit them. So give them what they want! (Psst...Get more insights in our “Bank to the Future” report. We’ve got tons of ideas for you!) 

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World-class tools for verification and more

Digital banking and cross-border transactions are great — but they can also make things messy! Keep customers and data safe and secure with our wide range of products. 

Engagement and support on every channel

Did you know that 83% of banking customers would like to receive support via mobile messaging? It’s time to pounce on that opportunity! With our engagement solutions, it’s easy – whether it’s your agents who will be doing the work, or a chatbot. 


Scale your conversations using powerful AI chatbots and voicebots.

Contact Pro

Enable comprehensive omnichannel customer service experiences.

Conversation API

One simple API to reach customers over multiple channels and deliver a mobile-first experience that's out of this world! 

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Prevent fraud

Sinch delivers a secure and smooth OTP experience and provides additional layers of security for high-value transactions or new user logins. Safer for you, safer for your customers.  

Enhance your digital customer journey

Drive up engagement and conversions and engage customers across their journey with real-time conversations, timely notifications, and personalized, rich messaging campaigns.

Reach anyone, anywhere

Engage with your customers when and where it matters, on any channel. Sinch is the one-stop shop for all your communication needs — messaging, email, or voice!

Simplify customer support

Have someone available 24/7 with our conversational AI solution Chatlayer and deliver omnichannel support all in one place with Contact Pro.  

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Let us help you succeed!

  • Engage and build trust

    With Sinch tools like Rich SMS, some of our finance customers have scored engagement rates of over 90%! So, get with the times and start creating meaningful experiences — at scale. 

  • Convert like never before

    Get more customers and more business! Using Sinch RCS, insurance company Macif received 3x the click rate of email - and Belfius Bank used our Chatlayer AI to increase conversions by 87.5%! 

  • Serve your customers better

    Delivering top-notch service doesn’t have to be hard! Use personalized, automated alerts to keep customers informed about their balance, deposits, transactions, upcoming payments, security get the idea. 

  • Support on any channel

    Speed is of the essence when preventing fraud — which is why Nordics banking giant Nets uses Sinch two-way SMS to communicate with customers. No matter what the channel, offer support that’s instant and contextual! 

Big ideas

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SMS sent each year 


engagement rate 

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Digital finance is about to get so much easier

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