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Securing customer relationships in a digital world

New possibilities are on the horizon for financial services providers rapidly enhancing digital customer experiences. The goal? To build close, personal relationships with digital-savvy consumers that can stand the test of time in an increasingly competitive market. However, to fully seize the opportunities ahead, they’ll need to keep customers’ privacy and security concerns directly in their sights. 

The report examines in detail the trends transforming CX in financial services


Yes, it's personal...

“1 in 3 customers have switched banks to get a better mobile experience”

Consumers are crying out for rich, personalized experiences that make it easy to get real time one-on-one support and stay on top of their finances from anywhere, and that means on their mobile phones. But there’s still a major disconnect between expectation and reality. 

They want more than one-way text notifications – customers see mobile messaging as a way to connect and communicate with trusted financial partners.

customers are frustrated when they can't reply to a message

A sense of security breeds trust...

“73% of customers who say their bank keeps their personal information and account secure also say they trust their bank.”

Financial interactions should always start with security. It not only earns the trust of customers but also removes unnecessary friction from digital experiences. 

By making every customer engagement in every channel feel secure, you’ll naturally build trust and unlock opportunities for more conversations – and more conversations lead to stronger customer relationships. It’s a simple, virtuous strategy for great CX! 

We see this consistently in data that positively correlates consumer trust and how they feel about interacting with banks in less traditional communication channels:

“I feel comfortable discussing personal/sensitive financial matters with my bank via mobile messaging”

53% of respondents have a high degree of trust when discussing personal financial matters with their bank via mobile messaging

Bots are hot, but no substitute for human connections…

“95% of customers want to be able to switch instantly from messaging chat to voice call”

AI and automation benefit both businesses and consumers in many digital interactions, but certainly not all. Without an easy off-ramp to human support, automation can backfire, potentially creating a problem where there wasn’t even one at all!

When used as tools for scaling invaluable one-to-one human interactions, AI and automation stand to deliver the greatest impact to financial services organizations. Customers may not see a lot of your ‘under-the-hood’ enhancements, but operational CX transformations can create some of the most innovative and differentiated customer experiences.

graph showing 76% of respondents have interacted with a chatbot

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