How SIM farms threaten consumers

SIM-farm fraud

Smishing and SMS fraud are on the rise

Have you ever received a text message with a suspicious link? 

The answer is probably yes, and the problem is increasing. The last couple of years have seen a huge rise in smishing...

Infographic: How SIM farms threaten consumers 

Get this: One-third of all business SMS globally, and 19% in the EU, are not sent to consumers in the way mobile operators intended.

Check this infographic to see how SIM farms threaten European consumers, delivery chains, and businesses.  


Impact of smishing on consumers


Good practice always protects consumers. When bad practice is involved, they’re at risk. By using SIM farms, companies let bad actors harvest consumer data.

For many, emotional harm comes on top of the financial loss...

How SIM farms threaten business


SIM farms hurt your business - and the economy

Business SMS has become an essential part of our everyday lives. You may not be overly aware of it, but living in Europe, in an average month, you are likely to receive...

Let’s put a stop to smishing and SMS fraud. Reach out if you want to know more.

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