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Use personalized conversations to convert and engage

  • Stay relevant - automatically

    Take advantage of trends and seasons to offer tailored social ads and discounts that always feel fresh. It’s automatic – even the lead qualification!  

  • Help customers find your store and the perfect product

    Revolutionize the purchasing process with AI! Make it quick with product recommendations, catalogue view, and nearest store indicators. 

  • Increase sales

    Know what your customers are looking for and why they're abandoning their carts! Recover conversions with a virtual shop assistant. 

  • Delight your customers

    Keep impressing customers even after they’ve converted. Share order status before they ask, send personalized NPS surveys, and more to elevate the customer experience! 

blue teacup

Hi Susan, the blue teacup in your basket is now back in stock, we’ve got an extra 10% off as a thank you for waiting.

oh great but can I get a cup with flowers instead?

check out buttons

Sure, that’s updated, you can follow the link to the checkout or click "back to shop" if you would like to keep shopping.


Send and receive text messages at scale through a single connection.


Rich Media, guided responses, and an app-like experience, all in the users SMS inbox.


Take user experience to the next level with real-time conversational commerce on Instagram.
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Message your customers in South Korea using KakaoTalk – the number one messaging app in the country. Use KakaoTalk to run marketing campaigns, have sales consultations, and provide top customer support!


Use the Telegram API to send messages to users around the world. Add Telegram business capabilities for marketing, sales and, customer support.
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Engage, support, and convert customers in Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, and Indonesia over their favorite app — LINE!
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Go omnichannel with our ready-to-use chatbot templates

Connect the same bot flow on every channel your customers use! One flow, one platform, endless conversion possibilities!

Reduce barriers to purchase with Conversation API! Be available for questions and provide relevant information to customers wherever they are on their journey.

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Choose your language

Set up your chatbot in one language and instantly start serving customers in 125+ others. Voila!

Pick channels and formats

Communicate by voice or text, with images, videos, or even PDF documents in different apps!

Analyze and improve

Monitor service quality and insights to continuously improve interactions and conversions! 

Connect your team and scale

Let your team support customers while they shop or solve their problems by connecting your own contact center.  

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greater conversions than SMS

iFood delivery make an account

Conversation API

One simple API to reach customers over multiple channels and deliver a mobile-first experience that's out of this world!


Create and deliver personalized mobile messaging campaigns that transform brand experience.
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What are you waiting for? Transform your commerce with Sinch!

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