Branded business messages

Treat customers like friends! With Viber you can list your brand in the sender ID, making messages more personal. 

Cost-efficient delivery

With Viber Business Messaging, you only pay for delivered messages.

Security first

Everything sent over Viber is end-to-end encrypted so you can be sure your conversations are secure. 

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Step up your business messaging

Whether you want to plug Viber for Business into your existing tools or build a Viber Chatbot, there’s an integration suited for your business needs.  

With Viber for Business you can initiate conversations with your customers to promote your brand and send useful, timely notifications.

And Viber Chatbots lets you streamline user communications and engage with your audience 24/7 with automated conversations.

Build meaningful relationships with rich two-way messaging in a branded environment

Go past the 160-character limit and connect with a global user base on Viber. With a branded business profile page, your users will recognize you by the verified checkmark. Use chatbots for automated conversations and easily integrate with your CRM, contact center, and other business tools.

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Go past the 160-character limit

Stand out from traditional SMS by combining text, files, images, and CTA buttons for a streamlined chat.

Simple and quick integration

Use Viber with our omnichannel Conversation API to gather all your messaging channels in one place.

Insights and analytics

Track, monitor, and improve Viber messages as well as user interactions in real time, with Conversation API.

Real-time user experience

Checking an account status, scheduling, in-chat purchasing – put everything your customers could want at their fingertips.

World-class customer service

Never let a customer down! Use chatbots to answer FAQs, direct chats to an agent, and be available 24/7.

Personalized content

Customize your message with interactive links and messages. Whether you use Viber Business Messages or Viber Chatbots, your chats stay relevant and contextual.

Improved overlay

Viber ensures lower block rates by allowing users to preview and allow future messages.

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Got questions?

  • What is Viber Business Messaging?

    Viber Business Messaging lets you actively contact users who have opted-in with promotions or important notifications.

  • What is a Viber chatbot?

    Viber Chatbots are customizable chatbots that you can plug into your messaging systems after building. You can reply to inbound messages or engage with existing users in a verified chat environment. 

  • Why use Sinch for Viber messaging?

    Sinch is a Viber Business Messaging partner. We will work with you to ensure that your implementation via Conversation API is suited for your brand, whether you’re an established messaging expert or just getting started with new channels.  

Talk to a Sinch expert for Viber Business pricing

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Conversation API

One conversation. One customer profile. One API. All the messaging channels you need!


Take user experience to the next level with real-time conversational commerce on Instagram.


Send and receive text messages at scale through a single connection.


Sinch supports a wide range of channels so you can reach your customers wherever they are.

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