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Get personal with Viber Business Messages

Viber has an active, engaged audience of 1 billion users in 190+ countries. Whether you're looking for Viber Business Messages or Viber bots, Sinch can help!

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Go beyond SMS. Viber Business Messenger API helps you engage users with interactive content and secure business chats.

Why you need Viber Business Messages

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    Branded messages

    Treat customers like friends! With Viber you can list your brand in the sender ID, making messages more personal.
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    Cost-efficient delivery

    With Viber Business timestamps, you only pay for delivered messages.
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    Security first

    Got customers all around the world? No problem. Everything sent on Viber is end-to-end encrypted.


Build trust and stand out with Viber

Global reach

Over 1 billion users
7M+ interactions every 60 seconds
Viber is used in 193 countries.

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Rich message content

Stand out from traditional SMS by combining text, images, and buttons in your messages

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Business profile page

Show your customers it’s really you! A business chat is highlighted by the green mark “V” (Verified) sender ID to display it as a verified sender.

Scalable to your business needs

Gain valuable customer insights

Curious how your customers are interacting with your message? Status callbacks let you know!

Smooth system integration

We know you’ve got your systems in place, and we won’t mess with that. Our conversation API easily integrates your with CRM, ERP and contact center systems.

Security first

Your customers care about message security – you should too! Luckily, the connection between Viber and end-users is always secured and encrypted with a unique key.


Rich media messaging in a brand-native environment

Go past the 160-character limit

Stand out from traditional SMS by combining text, images & buttons

A perfect fit to your evolving message suite

Real-time business messaging reaching users all over the globe

Personalized content

Customize your message with interactive links and messages

Improved overlay

Lower block rates by allowing users to preview and allow future messages

Simple and quick integration

Get started on Viber Business Messaging API with minimal tech integration


Track, monitor and improve messages as well as user interaction

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Talk to our experts