Outbound marketing messages

Use rich media, suggested replies, and customer personalization from your CRM and achieve unmatched marketing campaign performance on any app your customers use.

Five-star customer care

With automations, be available 24/7, address common FAQs, and streamline your customer service chats with suggested replies. Hand off more complex requests to an agent with context and continuity.

Scale globally

Are your users all over different social media apps? You should be too. Integrate our omnichannel Conversation API with your messaging tools and simply add new channels when needed.

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Send and receive text messages at scale through a single connection.


Level up your customer experience and set your brand apart with rich, compelling messages!


Rich Media, guided responses, and an app-like experience, all in the users SMS inbox.


Take user experience to the next level with real-time conversational commerce on Instagram.
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Enable customer-initiated, branded conversations on a secure platform. 


Deliver rich messages to customers on the channel they love.


Chat with customers in Japan, Thailand, and more with LINE.


The number one choice for chatting to customers in China.

Webhook API

Create your own Webhook for maximum flexibility. 

Sinch Chat

Connect with customers via mobile app and website.

Sinch Push

Send timely notifications via app and browser push.

Phone & Voice

Connect a telephone number to your bot.

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Manage all your messaging channels with one API

One conversation, one customer profile, all the channels you need - streamline customer interactions through one API! Our Conversation API can integrate with all your existing apps – whether it’s for marketing automation, customer care, or a chatbot platform. Send outbound alerts, receive inbound requests, and unify contact history into one chat.


Why choose Sinch for business messaging

  • All channels

    Enjoy 100% reach on any channel with super simple configuration and get access to all new channel releases!

  • Intelligence

    Smart message routing and transcoding let you send messages across multiple channels effortlessly - and with Chatlayer, it's easy to add conversational AI capabilities!

  • Personalization

    Get unified contact profiles, retain conversational context across multiple channels, and enhance customer experience with rich media and personalized content.

  • Easy integration

    Reach your audience on any channel with a single API, quickly add new channels to accommodate new business needs or market changes, and integrate with any service or platform.

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What are you waiting for? Transform your customer engagement today!