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What is the Telegram Messaging app?

With over 700 million monthly active users, Telegram is the go-to messaging app for young, privacy-conscious people worldwide. Telegram has experienced incredible growth since it started out – around 40% each year – making it the fastest-growing messaging app around. 

Telegram is a worldwide app, but it’s especially popular in parts of eastern Europe and Asia. It’s also a big hit in the USA with over 20 million people enjoying the benefits. Most users are under 34. 

What can I do with Telegram business messaging?

Telegram for marketing

If a Telegram user follows your business (or ‘starts your company bot’, as it’s called on Telegram), that’s a green light to send announcements, product updates,  and promotions!

Telegram for sales

Give new and existing customers live consultations to ask all those burning pre-sales questions so you can close that deal. Be there for follow-up queries post-sale too.

Telegram for customer support

Cut down on expensive phone calls for routine queries and put Telegram to work instead! Connect live agents and be there when customers need a little bit of extra help.

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Top features of Telegram for business

  • Build a successful brand

    Quickly build loyalty and trust with a branded Telegram Official account.

  • Broadcast worldwide

    Easily send newsletters, updates, and promos to followers on Telegram. No additional opt-ins required!

  • Increase engagement

    Create eye-catching content that’s impossible to ignore with a range of rich media (with no size limits!), including images, video, and more.

  • Simplify support 

    Offer seamless customer support by saving conversations and context. Connect Telegram with your contact center and let your agents shine.

  • Be there when it matters

    Make it simple for customers to get the help they need. Be seconds away with in-app search, QR codes, and direct chat links.

  • Automate FAQs

    Reduce time spent on repetitive questions - integrate a chatbot into Telegram and free up busy call center staff for more complex queries.

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QR code to scan for a Telegram business API demo

Test a Telegram bot today!

Got the Telegram app? Scan the QR code and check out our Taco ordering bot! Built with Sinch Conversation API and Chatlayer. 

Telegram business API with Sinch

At Sinch, we offer Telegram business messaging through our Conversation API. Why you might ask? To let businesses integrate Telegram and any other channels they might need now or in the future, with just a single API integration.  



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