Transform the patient experience with video and messaging

  • Reduce no-shows (and cut costs)

    No-shows are a problem in all aspects of the healthcare industry: missed appointments mean wasted time, resources, and money. Put e-health solutions to work and take control of appointment scheduling issues.

  • Reach a wider audience

    Scale your services to meet the needs of more patients. Thanks to video calling, you can offer medical care to patients in rural or remote areas, or those who simply can't make it into the office.

  • Go omnichannel

    Video, voice, WhatsApp, RCS, or the humble text message – no matter the channel, stay focused on conversation and convenience for you and your patients. With HD quality, seamless integration, and low latency, we’ve got you covered.

  • Work with a trusted partner

    When it comes to healthtech, patient and data security is paramount. Verification services, like 2FA and end-to-end encryption over channels like WhatsApp, are key in building trust in these areas, as is ISO27001 certification and an understanding of HIPAA compliance.

Video calling scenario

Save more than 10% on the cost of care without sacrificing quality

Using healthtech and telemedicine, Sinch customers have cut the cost of regular patient care by 11%, and reached an ROI of more than 3x. Telemedicine is the perfect solution for patients who live in remote areas, or for those who can't leave their home!


Send and receive text messages at scale through a single connection.


Rich Media, guided responses, and an app-like experience, all in the users SMS inbox.

Meet patients when and where they want

  • Convenience for all

    In this digital age, a visit with healthcare professionals on-site is not always the best fit. Get with the times and offer patients telemedicine and video calls if that’s what they prefer.

  • Simple reminders

    Missed appointments aren’t good for business – or for your patients’ health! Messaging services like SMS or RCS have the power to slash no show rates, reminding patients of upcoming appointments.

  • Reduced no-shows

    Appointment reminders via text helps you recoup revenue. Sinch customers have cut no-shows by 50% - the equivalent of £160K+ saved per year!

  • Easy rescheduling

    Sometimes things just don’t work out. With SMS and RCS, it’s easy for your patients to quickly and securely reschedule their visits.

Patient talking to a doctor over video chat

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