Real Results from Bizbike, Belgium’s biggest eBike provider

“Since using chatbots from Chatlayer, we’ve seen an increase in NPS and 30% of all our interventions are now booked through our Chatbot.” 

Louis Van, CEO / Co-founder, Bizbike

Automate customer care

Deliver always-on, quick, and effective customer support at scale.

Drive conversations

Engage customers on their favorite messaging channels with relevant conversations that convert.

Keep it personalized

Create a 1:1 experience effortlessly - our platform integrates seamlessly with your back end!

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Build human-like voice and chatbots in no time

From lead generation to customer support, our intuitive platform and templates for banking, insurance, food delivery, HR, and customer care make it easy to build chatbots for any use case. 

Add intents, expressions, and more in just a few clicks! Your AI bot is automatically retrained - and it's available in more than 100 languages!

Chatlayer scenario


ifood testimonial
Belfius testimonial
Conversation on phone between customer and Avon representative

Enable conversations on any channel

Engage customers with SMS, MMS, RCS, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messenger, and more with our Conversation API. Set it up in less than five minutes and you’re done! 

Push data easily between systems and scale as you grow with our user-friendly webhook API on the front or back end of any web-based application.

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100% user-friendly

Build a chatbot in just a few clicks without any coding skills - it's as easy as 123!

100+ languages

Choose from 100+ standard languages - no need to switch interfaces or retrain your bot!

Scale effortlessly

Our self-balancing cloud clusters can handle more than 10,000 messages at a time.

Built for privacy

Your data is safe with us. We recognize PPI and give clients full control over stored data.

Optimize as needed

Analyze and improve chatbot flows and conversations on a granular level via our powerful, user-friendly dashboard.

Go omnichannel

Engage on the world's most popular channels by adding chatbots to your apps or software with our webhook API.

Integrate smoothly

Integrate with all major CRM, ticketing, and contact center solutions. Use our API to integrate with your own software.

Start voice conversations

Connect a phone number to your chatbot to create a dynamic voice experience!

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Got questions?

  • Do I need coding skills to build a bot?

    Our platform doesn't require any programming experience. If you have a solid understanding of UX, you can build a good conversational experience in just a few minutes!

  • How do I build a good bot?

    We’ve got a lot of experience with bot design and are happy to share the wealth. When you log in to the platform, you’ll find best-practice templates to guide you. You can use these or adapt them as you like – no additional costs involved!

  • How does it work?

    We use a proprietary NLP engine that immediately recognizes the underlying intent of any given sentence. We also use self-learning algorithms and have trained our AI model to understand more than 100 languages straight out of the box.


Create and deliver personalized mobile messaging campaigns that transform brand experience.

Engage & Manage

Create campaigns and conversations using interactive formats, chatbots, and rich, personalized content.

Contact Pro

Enable comprehensive omnichannel customer service experiences.
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Ready to go conversational? Build your own AI-powered voice and chatbots!

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