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Set your eyes on growth with Chatlayer

  • Integrate seamlessly

    Connect to existing IT infrastructure to make the most out of the vast amounts of customer data

  • Accelerate growth

    Grow with the business as you move through your digital transformation journey

  • Improve processes

    Increase internal efficiency, while providing improved customer experience across the value chain

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Bank on personalized conversations for higher conversions

Don't talk at your customers. Talk with them. No matter what channel they're using, you get 100% reach and endless possibilities - all with a single API. Now you can personalize every conversation, at scale with Sinch.

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Use case: Customer support

Smart bot for smart businesses

Ifood was looking to improve the entire delivery chain, including signing up more restaurants, register new delivery staff as well as improving sales and customer service towards the end user.

The Result
Ifood implemented Chatlayer’s Conversational AI chatbots to quickly solve customer challenges, provide faster conversion for gift cards and onboard new restaurants and delivery staff. As a result, it saw 91% satisfaction score for delivery staff onboarding via Chatlayer, a 70% reduction in delivery service costs, and 49% increase in gift card conversion across multiple channels.


Real conversations, real relationships

Send product recommendations and offers on WhatsApp to customers who opt-in.

Instant automation

Super easy onboarding to help you get started without any hassle. Automate up to 90% conversations and engage at scale.


You do not need to be a coding genius to get started!

Advanced analytics

Know your customers better with analytics and optimize campaigns for a higher ROI.

Truly multilingual

Build your bot in one language and make it understand 100+ languages with just one click.

Safe and secure

With its unique ISO 27001-certified platform and impressive uptime, be assured of safe, high-quality, and high-availability interactions.

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Got questions?

  • What is Chatlayer?

    Chatlayer is a SaaS platform which enables enterprises to configure and deploy bots across various channels. It empowers enterprises to have authentic, valuable conversations with their customers through the power of AI.

  • Do I need any coding knowledge to build bots on Chatlayer?

    Our chatbots don’t require any coding skill to set-up. You can start Instantly with our easy-to-use industry templates so your HR bot, Customer Service AI or other bot solution can be up and running in no time.

  • How many languages does it support?

    Our chatbots can attend customers in more than 125 languages including Bengali, English, Hindi, Malayalam, Marathi, Sindhi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu. All the while, you have the freedom to manage intent per language and retrain the bot for specific key languages.

  • Can I connect the Chatlayer platform with any backend or third-party services to share data gathered in conversation?

    Chatlayer provides an API plugin in the list of action plugins. The API plugin sends a request to your backend or third-party service.

    Chatlayer also provides code action which allows developers to quickly build custom logic on top of their bot by writing their own JavaScript code blocks. Typically, the code editor is used to perform requests to external systems, or to do operations with variables.

  • Can I connect Chatlayer with live chat platforms?

    Bots are great as a first line of support. However, they are not (yet) as smart and capable as humans. From our experience at Chatlayer, we have noticed that hybrid forms of chatbots in combination with live agents usually offer the best user experience. Chatlayer supports multiple market-leading offloading providers. The specific configuration will depend on the offloading provider you want to integrate with. Currently we integrate with the most popular offloading providers of our customers.

  • How to connect Chatlayer with a live chat platform which is not in the list?

    The offloading webhook allows you to integrate any human handover live chat platform. You can use the webhook to:

    Receive incoming user messages

    Receive outgoing bot messages

    Act upon offloading requests from a user

  • Can I customize the flow basis user’s sentiment In Chatlayer?

    The Chatlayer NLP engine allows you to analyze the sentiment in the message of a user. You can use this sentiment to customize the flow of your bot. Chatlayer returns three different types of sentiments- Positive, Neutral and Negative.

  • Is the Chatlayer platform ISO certified?

    Chatlayer is ISO 27001 certified. You can read more about our security policy at https://chatlayer.ai/security/

  • Does it provide role-based access control?

    Chatlayer has a role-based access system that allows you to restrict specific bots for specific users, and give specific rights per bot. A user can either be an admin or a member of the team. Do note that team roles and bot access is only available in the Enterprise pack or higher.

  • Can I train the bot with real user input?

    Yes. After you have published your bot, you want to keep training the NLP model with real user input. By doing so, your bot becomes smarter over time and can support diverse expressions as well. To do so, you can use the NLP Train tab.


Send and receive text messages at scale through a single connection

Customer Communication Management

Leap towards a paperless future
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