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Sinch Trust Value

Make every SMS count

SMS open rates are as high as 98%. Ensure it reaches potential customers without fail. 

Track message delivery

Configure your vendors and capture delivery status of specific messages, independently. 

Spot lost opportunity

Validate the vendor delivery reports against the actual delivery status for specific messages. 

Establish trust score

Calculate the trust score for each vendor to establish their integrity and make informed decisions thereafter. 

Generate higher ROI

With the right messaging partner, ensure timely message delivery and achieve business results much faster! 

Be a CX champion

Say no to broken customer journeys. Drive sales through consistent SMS messaging. 

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Frequently asked questions about Sinch Trust

  • What is Sinch Trust?

    Our commitment to innovation has led us to develop a solution that not only meets the evolving needs of our industry but also sets a new standard for excellence. Sinch Trust, a cutting-edge solution from Sinch. that empowers enterprises with the ability to analyze the authentic delivery performance from all messaging partners. As messages are transmitted by your partners, Sinch Trust operates in the background to generate a Partners' Trust Score. The reporting dashboard furnishes insights and evaluations of partners based on the percentage of messages successfully delivered. This streamlined approach makes it exceptionally simple for enterprises to review any gaps and collaborate effectively.

  • What are the benefits of using Sinch Trust?

    Sinch Trust empowers enterprises to verify if the text messages are received by their customers. It promotes transparency, ensuring best message delivery and the desired return on investment for your brand.

  • Where do I track the results?

    Tracking results with Sinch Trust is very simple. Once a user initiates a Trust Campaign, a comprehensive report will show up with all important details which includes details about the vendor used to send the SMS, origin of the campaign, delivery status and most importantly, a trust score which is a measure of the integrity of your messaging vendor. A Trust Score of 95 and above means that the vendor is reliable, and you can safely continue your association.   

  • How do I use the solution?

    Once all the required configurations are done, authorized users can access and initiate Trust Campaigns at any point of time Such users will be able to operate within the portal and once they create trust campaigns, a comprehensive report with important details about the delivery status of your SMS will be available. This will further help your organization to divert your messaging traffic to a more credible SMS service provider, save costs and minimize the number of missed opportunities.  

  • Which SMS partners can I test?

    Sinch Trust helps you verify the integrity of all your SMS partners, including Sinch.  

  • What type of messages will it test?

    Sinch Trust can test both critical and promotional SMS. However, it is recommended for promotional SMS.  

  • How do I analyze the results?

    We have made it easy for you! Once a Trust Campaign is generated, the report will showcase a Trust Score. A score of 95 and above indicates that you have partnered with a reliable SMS service provider. Lower scores may suggest a situation where your SMS provider is potentially inaccurately reporting successful SMS deliveries. 


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