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Acquire, retain, grow

Design and automate engagement journeys across various touchpoints in customer lifecycle. Easily build marketing campaigns that are personalized, customer profile led, and consistent across channels.

Designed for BFSI

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Unified customer view

Integrates all data sources and data types, enabling your business to make smart decisions. 

Send time optimization

Credence®’s ML helps in identifying the time at which a customer is more likely to open and read messages. 

Real-time triggers

Use transactional alerts to send offers in real-time. Almost as soon as an event occurs!

Preferred channels

ML helps in identifying customer’s affinity for a communication channel and auto selection of preferred channels in campaigns.

Automated engagements

All available channels can be incorporated in a single engagement workflow.

Conversion tracking

Determine campaign efficacy by tracking conversations at a workflow level.

Analytics & reporting

Detailed views of campaign KPIs like engagement, failure, device details, link clicks, and more! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should businesses use marketing automation?

    Marketing automation gives marketers the ability to create consistent, personalized cross-channel engagement journeys that deliver a unified customer experience. It helps enterprises to deliver the right content, at the right time to customer

    Credence® enables marketers to create dynamic segments, schedule or trigger campaigns in real time, track engagement, perform A/B testing, and provides near real time reports to ensure marketing process becomes more effective.

  • What communication channels are available to enterprises for customer engagement?

    Credence® offers multi-channel support which can be used to design multi wave campaigns across SMS, Email, WhatsApp, browser push notifications, mobile push notifications, automated voice calls. Apart from this, Sinch is 

  • How do I share customer profile data for segmentation?

    Credence® offers multiple options for updating data. Enterprises can opt for direct DB integration, use Credence® APIs, or opt for automated file exchange. All of these options can be used on stand-alone basis or enterprises can go for combinations.

  • How secure is my data?

    Credence® has well-defined processes for ensuring data security. It is one of the reasons why Sinch is the preferred choice for some of the leading names in BFSI. Credence® is deployed on premise and enterprises can implement their own infosec guidelines to ensure adherence to corporate IT policy. Apart from this, the system supports encryption for data at rest, enables role-based system access, provides for PII masking and restricts access from outside enterprise’s domain. Sinch conducts periodic VA/PT tests to ensure a secured environment for all customer data

  • Is any specialized training / knowledge of programming required for marketers using Credence®?

    No specialized training or coding knowledge is required. Credence® provides a very easy to use UI for designing campaigns, where simple drag and drop method is available for creating campaigns. Flow controls can be used for in-campaign criteria checks, routing decisions, passing information to APIs, selecting communication channels in a quick and easy way.

  • What AI / ML capabilities are available for making campaigns more effective?

    Our ML modules work on campaign data to identify and update channel and time preferences as shown by message recipients. Credence® enables marketers to not only send the messages using channels preferred by each individual recipient but also ensures such messages are sent at the recipients’ preferred time.

  • What data is captured in reports and how do I access it?

    Credence® captures all customer engagement data and provides comprehensive reports on key campaign KPI’s. User can access the data and report summary from UI or automate emailing of reports to their ID’s.

Customer Communication Management

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