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  • Power at scale

    Sending millions of emails within minutes or sending high-volume emails round-the-clock? Experience rapid fire delivery. 

  • Unrivalled innovation

    We consistently pioneer new email technologies, including enterprise-grade deliverability, inbox placement, and send-time optimization 

  • Top-notch security

    Our commitment to your data privacy goes beyond simple encryption. No compromises here! 

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Highest email deliverability rate. Beats the industry average of 85%


Billions of emails sent every year! Experience power at scale


Responsive design. Grab their attention with display that is perfect for every screen!


Our India email support team is available for assistance

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Send time optimization

Increase opens and clicks by automatically sending at the best time for contacts on your list.

Advanced editor

Bring the most spectacular emails to life with our easy to create, drag-and-drop tool, dynamic sections, and templates.

Insights that matter

Get an overview of email performance and actionable insights with statistics per contact and ISP.

Real-time collaboration

Work on emails as a team. Review, edit, comment, and amend email templates seamlessly in real-time.

Monitoring tools

Run checks for all critical issues that affect your sending reputation and email deliverability.

Access send history

Know the exact health of your sending practices with 30 days of searchable logs.

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Frequently asked questions about our email platform

  • What is meant by bulk email?

    Bulk email is the process of sending a specific email to a large group of prospects at once. It is also known as mass email or email blasts.

  • What are the use cases of bulk emails?

    Bulk mail solution is commonly used for marketing messages, coupons, invitations, updates, and newsletters.

  • Does bulk email allow you to add attachments?

    Yes. You can add as many attachments as you want in such emails.

  • What type of subject lines is the most effective for marketing emails?

    The subject line of a marketing email must be interesting and eye-catching enough to encourage the recipient to open it. Hence, it should be crisp, personal, and relevant to the recipient.

  • Why are bulk email software used?

    Bulk email software helps in delivering mass marketing email campaigns promptly to a large number of recipients in a hassle-free manner, with minimal manual efforts. You can use this software to effortlessly manage your contact list, segment the list, and monitor your campaigns.

  • What is the best way to increase email click-through rates?

    Incorporating simple call-to-action in the email content can help improve click-through rates. Asking subscribers to "click here" or "buy now" can be especially effective.

  • What is meant by Send Time Optimization?

    Send Time Optimization (STO) feature helps deliver email messages at the exact time when your prospects are most likely to view their inboxes, on the basis of their prior behavior. As you send emails via Sinch Email API or SMTP while having STO enabled, our ML algorithm would analyze open and click data for each recipient to determine when they are most active in their inbox. The emails would subsequently be scheduled in the pipeline to be delivered at the right time.

  • Can emails be personalized with Bulk Email API?

    Yes. Emails can easily be personalized with Sinch Email API, by conditionally displaying content on the basis of custom variables and contact properties. It allows non-technical users to effectively manage content, design, and personalization. Developers, on the other hand, focus on the integration with your data and system.

  • Can Email API from Sinch help in improving customer engagement?

    Sinch is among the leading service providers in the market in terms of customer engagement, and focuses on bringing brands closer to their customers. Our Mass mailing software is equipped with features like continuous machine learning with AI-optimized sending, predictive inbox testing, and accurate validations, which helps in boosting the scope of customer engagement.


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