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Automated and personalized voice communications

Our voice messaging services include Outbound Dialing, Inbound Dialing, Missed Call, and Voice OTP. Built using state-of-the-art tools and SaaS technology, our voice platform provides attractive turnkey applications to increase productivity and enable businesses to deliver a personalized customer experience for sharper engagement, better business, and enhanced revenue streams.

Highly secured

While you focus on business objectives, we provide you a seamless, highly secure experience. Our services are hosted in a datacenter, offering highest level of multiple layered physical and e-security.

Infrastructure uptime

We know what smooth communication means for your business. With Sinch, your infrastructure uptime is guaranteed to be 99.999%.

Flexible and reliable

Built in using SaaS technology, our solution combines carrier-grade flexibility and offers several innovative self-service and agent-assisted applications that improve operational efficiency. Sinch is a bankable and reliable solutions provider for your business. The request to enterprise / third-party application also happens over secured HTTPS.

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Outbound Dialing

  • Outbound IVR

    Sinch’s outbound IVR lets you manage customer interactions in outbound calls via pre-recorded voice messages and text to speech technology. Sinch API and UI based Campaign Manager tool makes it easy for an enterprise to manage their outbound interactions and campaigns easily.

  • OBD Campaign Manager

    Our OBD Campaign Manager is quick and easy way to broadcast pre-recorded voice messages to your customers. Our simplified user interface lets you quickly pick your sender, receiver, and send your voice campaigns in minutes. You can use OBD Campaign Manager to send important alerts, promotions, updates, and notifications to customers, employees, voters, and more.

  • Click2Call

    With Sinch’s click-to-call solution, businesses can instantly integrate our API to implement a click-to-call service for their customer-facing teams. In simpler terms, it allows a customer to receive a call from any business by just dropping their number on the company website/app.

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Inbound Dialing

  • Inbound IVR

    Automate inbound voice-based processes with our powerful Interactive Voice Response (IVR) service. Whether you are responding to a customer’s repetitive queries or directing the caller to the right person, our powerful platform can help you streamline your inbound call experience.

  • Pre-Call Notification

    Pre-call notification is fixed pulse service that allows you to play a recorded message for promotional or informative purpose. The call gets disconnected after the voice message has been played. Any response against the request can be sent over the SMS.

  • Hello-Info

    Hello-Info is a toll-free service that allows your customers to connect with you in an easy and no-cost way. Sinch’s hello info service is a fixed pulse service that lets you play a recorded message for promotional or informative purpose. Any response against the request can be sent over the SMS.

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