Elevating the retail experience with rich messaging and conversational AI

Customer Story
Discover how Intermarché, a French multinational supermarket chain, gave a serious boost to its customer communication campaigns by experimenting with new mobile messaging formats and conversational AI.
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Challenge: Increase customer engagement with a more immersive and interactive brand experience. 

Solution: Mobile messaging campaigns using Sinch Rich SMS, and conversational AI. 

Results: True differentiation leading to higher customer engagement and campaign visibility. 




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Intermarché is a major French multinational supermarket chain with about 1,800 stores in France and 500 stores in other countries worldwide. The brand’s unique positioning as both a producer and a retailer helps streamline process control, so they can offer high-quality products at a fair price.  

Intermarché has always kept pace with the times, driving innovation to meet new customer needs and expectations in everything it does - and customer communication is no exception! 

In Sinch, the brand found the partner they needed to breathe new life into their campaigns. 

Challenge: Bringing fun and excitement to the grocery shopping experience  

Let’s face it: for most customers, grocery shopping is boring, often considered a chore.  As an innovation-driven, customer-obsessed company, Intermarché knows that engaging customers in retail isn’t just about product and price. It’s also about the experience.

So how do you bring fun and excitement to the grocery shopping experience?   

Solution: Enhancing customer experience with rich messaging and conversational AI 

Intermarché needed a partner to help them explore new campaign formats and make customer experience more engaging. That’s where Sinch stepped in. 

Sinch’s SMS with rich landing page and conversational AI were a perfect fit for creating more immersive experiences, and the Intermarché team was excited to explore untapped alternatives. 

Intermarché’s newsletter includes a section on recipe inspiration, and the team decided to experiment with its content. With Sinch’s help, they developed a recipe generator bot our conversational AI platform - Chatlayer. Subscribers who clicked through on the recipe section of the newsletter were taken to a page where the chatbot asked them about eating habits and preferences and suggested custom recipes. 

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They also used Sinch Rich SMS to promote their loyalty program and drive-thru service playfully, with personalized content and call-to-action buttons encouraging customers to play a game hosted on a landing page. The landing page as integrated part of SMS campaign is created using the same intuitive, drag and drop interface of Campaigns solution. 

Results: Rich, immersive experiences and true differentiation 

Intermarché’s Rich SMS and conversational AI campaigns achieved excellent results, with a  59% customer AI bot engagement rate. Maybe more importantly, though, this approach helped the brand stand out in an industry where differentiation in customer experience is the true battleground.  

We truly appreciated Sinch’s proactivity and creativity in helping us define new campaign concepts. Their enthusiasm and ability to adapt to our specific needs and target audience really made a difference.
Sinch supported us from campaign brief to concept creation and implementation and, within a few weeks, we were ready to roll.
Clémence Rosier
CRM Project Manager, Intermarché