Boosting Black Friday sales with hyper-personalized interactive campaigns

Customer Story
Discover how Orange used a personalized Black Friday campaign to re-engage with their customers and drive sales.
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Challenge: Using customer data to boost sales during Black Friday 

Solution: An interactive, hyper-personalized campaign featuring Sinch Rich SMS and Campaigns platform 

Results: Immediate results in terms of in-store sales with 12% uplift   


engagement rate with Rich SMS


customers across 26 countries 


conversion rate (Click & Collect)  








Orange, a multinational telecommunications giant, has secured its position as an industry leader through consistent innovation and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. With a vast customer base of 287 million across 26 countries, Orange has carved out a significant presence in the telecommunications industry. 

Challenge: Leverage Black Friday to re-connect with customers  

Orange recognized the need to re-engage customers and saw the upcoming Black Friday sales event as the perfect opportunity to do so. With a strong focus on enhancing customer experience and loyalty, the primary goal was to design a campaign that would drive customer retention and foster strong customer connections. The aim was to achieve this by leveraging customer data to craft a personalized campaign, driving upsell opportunities and enhancing customer satisfaction. 

Solution: Creating a personalized, interactive experience using Rich SMS and Campaigns    

Orange partnered with Sinch to create a unique and highly personalized experience. Together, they came up with a strategy to offer personalized deals, like new smartphones and tailored mobile packages, that aligned with the customers' preferences. The solution used the Sinch Rich SMS, offering creative possibilities and effective hyper-personalization of messages to increase their impact. 

At the core of this solution was an innovative digital padlock. Customers received a Rich SMS and were prompted to "unlock" the padlock, revealing an exclusive offer. This interactive experience engaged customers in a fun way, highlighting the uniqueness of the offer. If the first attempt failed, a second attempt was triggered to ensure the offer was ultimately revealed. Upon unlocking the padlock, customers were presented with a personalized deal, detailed product information, and a trade-in offer to reduce the cost of acquiring a new mobile device. The result not only enhanced customer engagement but also reinforced Orange's commitment to delivering personalized and exclusive offers. 

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Result: Boosts in engagement, conversion and redirection rates 

Sinch's innovative and hyper-personalized solution delivered impressive outcomes for Orange. By leveraging the power of Rich SMS and the interactive padlock campaign, Orange was able to offer its customers an exclusive and tailored experience like never before.  

"I'm thrilled to have collaborated with Sinch, who consistently comes up with innovative ideas,” said Stephanie Souvignon, Marketing Campaign Manager at Orange. “The element of fun played a vital role in engaging customers, especially at times like Black Friday when so many advertisers were communicating.” 

The personalized content achieved a staggering 78% engagement rate through Rich SMS. The interactive padlock offer successfully captured customers' attention, resulting in a remarkable 62% redirection rate and an 8% conversion rate. Moreover, the personalized and engaging messaging led to a significant 12% upsell rate. 

"Using Rich SMS also proved to be a significant advantage during this highly competitive time of year,” said Souvignon. “The results of it were twice as effective compared to generic SMS. It's a genuine pleasure to work with such a professional and responsive team."