How BPCE Financement made financial management fun and educational with Rich SMS

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Discover how French financial institution BPCE Financement used Rich SMS campaigns to educate and engage their customers.
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Challenge: Educating customers about revolving credit and encouraging them to apply for financing with increased knowledge about financial management  

Solution: Creating an interactive, competitive giveaway campaign with Rich SMS and email 

Results: Increased customer relationship, engagement and conversion using Rich SMS 




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higher engagement over Rich SMS compared to Email 


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Challenge: Educating and engaging banking customers in a spring giveaway campaign. 

Group BPCE, the second largest banking group in France (Banque Populaire, Caisse D'Epargne), pursues a full range of banking and insurance activities. The group serves 35 million customers around the world, including individuals, professionals, companies, investors, and local government bodies. It also pursues its activities worldwide with the asset and wealth management services provided by Natixis Investment Managers and the wholesale banking expertise of Natixis Corporate & Investment Banking.  

Within the group, the entity "BPCE Financement" provides customers with personal loan management solutions. Thanks to its capacity for innovation, its in-depth knowledge of the market, and its multi-channel approach, BPCE Financement has earned its status as a key player in the consumer credit market. BPCE Financement and Sinch have been working closely together for many years to offer innovative and engaging tools for the group's customers. For example, Sinch makes it possible for financing requests to be made directly on a Rich SMS campaign landing page to ensure the best possible user experience!  

Solution: Distributing a fun, interactive and competitive campaign using the power of Rich SMS and email 

Every spring, BPCE Financement sends its customers a giveaway campaign. This year, our teams set up a Rich SMS and email contest to maximize participation by BPCE Financement customers.  

The customer had to find coins in three different life journey stages echoing the spring season changing. They were also presented with explanations about revolving credit between each stage with the aim of educating the customer. At the end of the game, customers could apply for financing directly on the landing page.  

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Results: Increased engagement over Rich SMS – and validated financing!  

The contest was a great success! In fact, 70% of all customers contacted ended up participating and completing the activity. And even though the primary objective of the contest was not conversion, customers that were engaged via Rich SMS converted 2.7x more often compared to customers contacted by email. 

"Sinch gave us the best advice to implement our educational highlight in the form of a contest. We managed to combine a fun tool and activity for our customers with an important reminder of the various features of revolving credit. The campaign worked very well, considering the results and metrics," explains Carla Chanca, Marketing and communications project manager.  

Sinch gave us the best advice to implement our educational highlight in the form of a competition.
Carla Chanca
Marketing and Communications Project Manager, BPCE Financement