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Rich SMS enhances standard SMS programs. With it comes a personalized landing page and tailored customer experience.

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    Easy to build

    With Sinch's marketing SaaS platform, you can create amazing personalized messaging experiences without any technical skills.
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    Fully personalized

    Sender, text line, images and body text can be personalized by customer CRM data or attributes: persona, preferences, history, behavior, demographic, location, etc.
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    A dedicated team

    Our expert team helps you transform customer journeys and enrich brand experiences – whether you need consultant help, product & API training, or end-to-end managed services.

Use Cases

How we help our clients tackle their challenges

Boost conversions with tailored communication

Courir, one of the biggest shoe retailers in France, wanted to improve its biggest campaign of the year.
Their weapon of choice? Rich SMS, as opposed to standard SMS, was used.

Sinch worked closely with Courir to create, send, and track the results of a dedicated Rich SMS campaign. All content was personalized with CRM data, and Courir doubled its conversation rate compared to a standard SMS campaign.


conversion rate


conversion rate compared to test base

Increase renewal rates with hyper-targeted campaigns

One of France's largest operators wanted to improve its renewal rate of smartphones and re-engage customers for a long-term contract. To do this, they offered a tailored offer for early subscribers.

Sinch helped the operator set up customized Rich SMS for each customer, pulling in information from its own IT system.

In this campaign, sent through the global CRM platform, customers received a personal offer for exchanging their smartphones based on their actual usage.


conversion rate vs classic SMS

Replace traditional channels with Rich SMS to re-engage customers

Nissan wanted to re-engage and convert end-of-funnel prospects who were no longer responding to traditional email communication.

Sinch helped Nissan set up customized Rich SMS campaigns, integrating information from various sources within Nissan's IT systems. The platform was then connected to Adobe Campaign to target prospects with personalized campaigns.

Customers receiving these campaigns then received an exact offer based on the information collected, including the model, price, color, and even directions to the nearest dealer to make a purchase.


conversion rate

"We needed a partner that could ‘open up the chakras’ in messaging innovation, and one that could bring us a wealth of communication opportunities into 2020 and beyond. In addition to assisting us with quality of data and advising on the best type of messages to send, Sinch helped us construct a relatable scenario where we could realistically integrate images and video into our messaging program, with full design support along the way."

Christelle Boudet Zanon

Director of Marketing & Corporate Relations , Macif

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