Empower agents with an all-in-one contact center

Deliver omnichannel support

Whether they reach you by phone, e-mail, chat, video, SMS, or messaging apps, your customers get a consistent, satisfying experience. 

Integrate third-party CRM

Easy integration with third-party CRM systems, including Salesforce, ServiceNow, SAP, and more. 

Reduce operational costs

Eliminating in-house infrastructure, integration, and IT support expenses means you save big!  

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Modernize your legacy call center: Go omnichannel

Aging legacy call-center solutions are difficult and costly to maintain. Out with the old, in with the new and very much improved! Sinch Contact Pro runs in the Cloud, eliminating infrastructure and maintenance costs - all while providing everything your agents need to deliver true omnichannel customer service! 

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Deliver a frictionless customer experience

Omnichannel support

Rather than toggling between screens, agents use one tool across all channels – phone (inbound/outbound), email, chat, video, SMS, and messaging apps. Reduce headaches and increase productivity! 

Skills-based routing

Using contact-attached-data (CAD) and skills-based routing, you can connect customers to the best-suited agent to help drive first contact resolution (FCR) and customer satisfaction (CSAT). In other words: makes your life easier.  

Blended inbound/outbound

Want to maximize efficiency? Outbound calls (for campaigns and call lists) can be blended with regular inbound calls during non-peak hours. We’ve even got automated predictive dialing. No agent time wasted!  

Interaction history

Call logs, recordings, chat transcripts, and script and survey results provide agents with an instant view of the customer, helping reduce average handle time (AHT). 

Dashboards and analytics

Real-time dashboards and alerts help supervisors monitor performance and stop problems before they start. Reports help managers ensure performance targets and KPIs are being met. 


Out-of-box integration with Salesforce, ServiceNow, and SAP, along with RESTful APIs and an open extension framework, let you easily integrate chatbots, CRM, WFM, and more. 

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Frequently asked questions

  • Which communication channels are available to me?

    Sinch Contact Pro is a true omnichannel solution, supporting all commonly used contact-center communication channels including telephony, email, chat, video, SMS, and messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, and more. 

  • Does Sinch Contact Pro support chat bots? 

    Sinch’s own chatbot solution – Sinch Chatlayer -- comes pre-integrated out-of-box with Sinch Contact Center, helping deflect contact-center traffic while improving customer experience.

  • With which CRM products can Sinch Contact Pro integrate? 

    Sinch Contact Pro provides out-of-box integration with leading CRM products from Salesforce, ServiceNow, and SAP. We’re also planning additional integration for other products such as Microsoft Dynamics. 

  • Does Sinch Contact Pro provide tools for supervisors? 

    Yes! Sinch Contact Pro includes a Supervisor Dashboard web application that provides real-time dashboards and alerts. Team leaders and supervisors can monitor what's going on in the contact center and make real-time adjustments to agent queue assignments, skill levels, and queue staffing levels. 

  • Does Sinch Contact Pro support outbound campaigns? 

    Of course! Sinch Contact Pro supports the creation and execution of outbound campaigns. Call lists can also be imported from third-party marketing tools via open API, and then executed via automated outbound dialing using either preview, progressive, or predictive mode. 

Contact center insights

Create a smart omnichannel experience

Engage customers anytime, through any channel

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Enable comprehensive omnichannel customer service experiences


Create and deliver personalized mobile messaging campaigns that transform brand experience.

Engage & Manage

Create interactive, personalized campaigns and conversations across mobile channels.


Scale your conversations using powerful AI chatbots and voicebots.


Let your customers chat with live agents via mobile messaging.
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Cris Franco, Manager, Customer Technical Support, Yaskawa America, Inc

Transform your legacy call center. Go Cloud. Go Sinch Contact Pro!

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