Luxurious customer care with Contact Pro and Instagram

Customer Story
Discover how Contact Pro from Sinch helped leading fashion house Zadig&Voltaire knock it out of the park with a new communication channel.
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Challenge: Find the right tool to support customer services and boost digital growth

Solution: Contact Pro from Sinch for conversations on the preferred channel - Instagram

Results: A massive improvement in communications and the customer experience


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Created in Paris by founders with a passion for art, Zadig&Voltaire is the height of no-rules chic thanks to its free-spirited, contemporary mindset. Its distinctive DNA blends modern style with an effortless and authentic feeling of luxury that empowers people to express their individuality and forge their own unique look. 

Zadig&Voltaire needed to step up their customer care game to match their luxurious brand offering. 

Challenge: Finding the most efficient channel to boost engagement 

The need to amp up customer service was recognized at a strategic level, as Jonathan Atali, Director of Marketing & Digital at Zadig&Voltaire explains. “We have a plan in place for the next five years, and one of the key areas identified for improvement in that plan was CRM and digital.” 

It wasn’t difficult for Zadig&Voltaire to choose the messaging channel that would work best for their customers. With over 1 million followers, Instagram was the obvious choice, plus they were already using it as a customer service tool on some level (more on that later). Iconic fashion images helped build their brand, so Instagram was the perfect fit for any new communication strategy destined for success. 

Now just the small matter of figuring out the tech to make the conversational magic happen. Top of the priority list for Zadig&Voltaire was innovation – it’s at their very core, and they needed to embody it in their new messaging strategy. 

Solution: Building relationships that last 

The solution they were using lacked finesse. As Attali explains, “customers would send direct messages through Instagram to query order status, delivery time, etc., and they’d get a standard automated response – ‘Sorry, you need to contact customer services’ – which is just about the worst possible answer you can get.” 

Attali goes on to say, “we wanted to create a dedicated relationship with customers, even if that included talking about problems they’re having.” 

The team at Sinch for Marketing quickly pooled their conversational expertise and jumped in to find the best solution for Zadig&Voltaire.  

Contact Pro was quickly identified as the perfect fit. With no real change for end-users other than a significantly better UX on a channel they know and love: Contact Pro offered simple integration, quick and easy scalability (remember those 1 million + followers?), and most importantly, that special feeling customers get when a conversation is tailored just for them. A sure-fire way to build a long-lasting relationship. 

Results: Stepping up customer care to a whole new level 

Contact Pro was an instant hit with everyone at Zadig&Voltaire, particularly the Community Manager; as Attali explains, “first off, he said it was really cool, and that it would be a big help, but then he asked, “what about people who send us direct messages that don’t have customer issues? How can we track and manage those messages?” Good point… 

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Luckily, Contact Pro comes with an interface that makes message management a dream. Messages from every channel can be seen and managed in one place, regardless of subject matter. 

For Zadig&Voltaire, the uplift in queries handled via Instagram has been astounding. Attali commented, “the very first step for us was to get Instagram in place. The next step is to make it part of our entire ecosystem to create a smoother UX for our end-users. This is just the beginning for us.” 

Contact Pro is the perfect tool for customer retention and for customer experience – the transparency and efficiency of the tools have made our work so much easier.
Jonathan Attali
Director of Marketing & Digital, Zadig&Voltaire