RCS brings big boost to brand visibility and customer interaction

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Discover how Micromania-Zing elevated their brand visibility and customer engagement with Sinch's RCS.
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Challenge: Increase brand visibility and customer interaction, simplify transactions, and improve customer experience. 

Solution:  RCS messaging from Sinch for seamless communication and increased brand awareness.  

Results: An 86% higher read rate than newsletters and 120% higher redirection rate to the website with RCS. 


click rate compared to Rich SMS 


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higher read rate than newsletters








Micromania-Zing, part of the gaming retail giant Game Stop, wanted to ramp up customer engagement while boosting brand visibility. Their main goal was to simplify transactions and provide a seamless, hassle-free consumer experience.  

Challenge: Low customer engagement and limited outreach capabilities 

Micromania-Zing was dealing with low customer engagement statistics. To tackle the issue, they started working with Sinch and used Rich SMS to connect with their customers for a variety of initiatives including promotions, loyalty offers, pre-ordering, and more. Almost immediately, the company saw increased sales and improved customer engagement. However, Rich SMS has limitations, like its 160-character count, which sparked their interest in exploring alternative solutions; one that could complement their use of Rich SMS and take their customer engagement to new levels. 

Solution: A capable and convenient RCS solution from Sinch 

Sinch recommended an RCS messaging solution to Micromania-Zing, and it promptly transformed the brand's customer engagement approach. Not only did RCS offer more than 160 characters in messaging, but it also provided up to four calls-to-action for use in redirecting clients to different categories in its campaigns. This provided customers with a richer and more convenient experience, as they could now interact with Micromania-Zing directly on their messaging app. 

Micromania-Zing's engaging, conversational RCS messages for the holidays

Results: Improved brand visibility and customer engagement  

Micromania-Zing welcomed the remarkable results. Their read rate doubled, improving the brand's visibility among its customers. Moreover, the brand’s click rate with RCS was seven times higher compared with their earlier Rich SMS campaigns. Micromania-Zing also saw a significant improvement in their website's redirection rate with RCS, which was 120% higher than with Rich SMS. This resulted in an 86% higher read rate compared with their newsletters, marking a new high in their customer engagement metrics. 

"RCS was an obvious choice to reinforce our system with a conversational format,” said Caroline Pineau Marescal, Data & CRM Manager at Micromania-Zing. “Thanks to Sinch's support and expertise, we were able to boost traffic among an audience looking for good deals.” 

Sinch's RCS solution provided Micromania-Zing with the increase in brand awareness and improved customer interaction they sought. It allowed them to engage their customers more effectively, while providing a superior and more personalized experience. The results speak volumes about the potential of RCS in transforming customer engagement and setting new benchmarks for success. 

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RCS was an obvious choice to reinforce our system with a conversational format. Thanks to Sinch's support and expertise, we were able to boost traffic among an audience looking for good deals.
Caroline Pineau Marescal
Data & CRM Manager, Micromania