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How Sinch brings bottom-line business benefits

  • Reduce churn

    We’ve helped our operator clients save millions of dollars (yes, you read that right) by significantly reducing churn. How? All through the power of personalized bill notifications.

  • Cut support costs

    Say goodbye to expensive customer support call centers. Chatbot support via messaging can cut those costs significantly – and boost customer satisfaction.

  • Easier upsell

    Low renewal rates? Sinch can help. Personalized campaigns make it easy to offer customers what they want, when they want it – leading to higher conversion.

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Put a stop to bill shock

Many operators see a high churn rate after the first bill is issued. Sending a personalized video via MMS to explain charges can help significantly reduce churn as a large operator we're working with discovered.

Improve renewal rates and boost conversions

A leading French operator wanted to improve smartphone renewal rates. With the help of customized Rich SMS customers received a personalized offer for exchanging their phone, based on their actual usage.

Drive down costs with messaging support

Creating a WhatsApp chatbot to handle FAQs, with handover to a human when required for tricker questions results in better call center efficiency, improved response times, and higher customer satisfaction rates.

Reaching a challenging audience

Telekom Deutschland wanted to launch an exciting new concept to under 28's - a difficult age group to take on. They soon discovered that Personalized Video Messaging could engage even the most challenging audience!


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Improve every stage of the customer journey

  • Sales

    It’s all about the customer experience. From prospects to long-time subscribers, we can help keep your audience happy and engaged – to drive improved business results.

  • Customer care

    Taking care of customers is a full-time job. Let us step in and take some of the load off with automated, personalized, mobile solutions that show your customers just how much you really care!

  • Notifications

    Keep in touch with customers at key stages in their journey. From onboarding to first bill advice, FAQs to upgrades, and everything in-between - communication builds relationships that last.

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Level up your customer experience and set your brand apart with rich, compelling messages!
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Start engaging customers and drive business results today!

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