Maximum security

Anonymize numbers in conversations between sellers, drivers, or service providers to safeguard their identity and prevent data misuse.

Zero revenue leakage

Don't be cut out of the deal! Masking phone numbers helps you keep users and conversations on your platform to prevent revenue loss.

Connect your campaigns

Get the most from your online campaigns! Keep tabs on where customers found your contact details and run ads on the right channels.

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Keep numbers private

Our flexible integration framework allows you to redirect phone calls to a given number by using the caller’s ID to determine where to connect the call.  

Build trust locally and increase brand recognition by using local numbers with area codes.  

Learn more about how to protect user privacy and real-time communications.

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Make user privacy a competitive advantage

Turn user privacy into a competitive differentiator! Attract more customers and keep growing on a mature market by implementing number masking in your real-time voice communication.

Build effortlessly and step up data protection

Build a super simple API with C# to redirect phone calls to a given number using our SVAML. Use the caller ID of the calling party to determine where to connect the call.

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Custom prompts

Level up CX with our text-to-speech engine and add pre-recorded voice files - in multiple languages!

Prevent fraud

Control call flow, filter, and redirect inbound calls. Just respond to the callback we send on incoming calls. 


Collect and store call metadata by downloading log files from the Sinch portal or fetching data from callbacks.


Need to keep records for quality or safety reasons? Well, calls can be recorded and moved to your company’s archives for safekeeping!

Voice + SMS

Need another layer of protection? No problem! We can help you get a masked phone number onto SMS too. 

Simple integration

Keep numbers private easily with our flexible integration framework.

Local presence

Boost brand recognition and trust with a local phone number, even if you’re on the other side of the world. 

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Got questions? We've got answers!

  • What is number masking?

    Phone number masking increases security for businesses and customers by anonymizing the numbers used during calls. Masking real numbers with a virtual one protects user privacy and revenue by keeping all calls on your platform. 

  • How do I rent virtual numbers?

    You can easily find numbers from a wide range of countries in our customer portal whilst signed in. Some countries require local presence and additional company information before we can source you a number. If you’re interested or have any further questions, let’s talk!

  • How can I track the performance of my voice campaigns with Number Masking?

    Use different numbers on different media, all connecting to the same point, and with our Callback Events, you’ll know which of your masked numbers was used the most and therefore which channels are most effective.

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Voice API

Design the exact voice call flow you need with flexible and scalable solutions.
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What are you waiting for? Start building conversations now

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