Journey to the cloud: Transforming ARYZTA’s contact center

Customer Story
We spoke with Horst Haschke, Head of IT at ARYZTA Germany, and Joachim Schellenberg, Director of Business Development at VASS, their international SAP implementation partner, about how moving ARYZTA’s contact center from on-premise to the cloud positively impacted their customer service and sales operations in Germany.
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Challenge: An on-premise contact center that required manual, time-consuming maintenance 

Solution: Cloud-based contact center with out-of-the-box SAP integration from Sinch 

Results: Significant time savings with a low maintenance, globally accessible, SAP-integrated solution  




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ARYZTA is an international food company offering in-store bakery products and services for restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools, retailers, and other service providers. They lead the market in frozen convenience bakery goods across Europe, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. 

Challenge: Rethinking an on-premise call center 

ARYZTA used an on-premise contact center for many years, but as the business evolved, so did its needs. Their existing system allowed them to connect all telephony operations into one solution — but the IT team still needed to spend time and effort to keep things running. When they decided to move the contact center to the cloud, the team realized any new solution would need to support international operations and continue providing outstanding customer service. 

The solution also needed to integrate with SAP CRM. All ARYZTA customer information, including orders, is tracked in SAP CRM, so operations would run even smoother if their customer conversations could be managed through a cloud-based solution like Sinch Contact Pro, which has an out-of-the-box integration with SAP. 

That’s where ARYZTA’s partnership with VASS played a key role: As a strategic SAP system integrator, VASS helps its clients run customer-facing solutions smoothly. Their extensive experience with SAP solutions made them the perfect partner to help integrate a cloud-based contact center solution with all of ARYZTA’s existing systems. 

Solution: The journey to the cloud 

As part of their larger cloud strategy, ARYZTA knew they wanted to use Contact Pro because of its omnichannel capabilities, easy-to-use interface, and integration capabilities. 

ARYZTA and VASS worked together on a phased implementation of the cloud version of Contact Pro in Germany. Eventually, they added the solution in Switzerland and Ireland. 

With the support of the VASS team, led by Schellenberg as the solution architect, ARYZTA moved to the cloud version of Contact Pro in mid-2022. Contact Pro’s integration with SAP made the transition easy. 

“We decided to start small and then grow the solution to other countries,” said Schellenberg. “The integration with SAP worked well because it’s out-of-the-box.” 

Results: A revamped customer support experience 

By working with Sinch and VASS, ARYZTA can provide the same customer experience across markets, with added benefits for customers and work-from-home employees. 

Now, 50 call center agents across Germany can use the cloud solution from the central office and their home offices. 

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With an on-premise contact center solution, an upgrade can be a massive effort — businesses often take much longer to upgrade than recommended. But with a cloud contact center solution, getting new features without further IT investment is easy. 

“We were already benefitting from the on-prem solution as Contact Pro is intuitive and easy to use for sales and customer service teams, even in the complex scenarios with SAP CRM integration,” said Haschke. “Now that we’ve changed to cloud, we can introduce new channels, such as WhatsApp and SMS, which will add value to the customer experience. We’ll get immediate access to all new features, product updates, and improvements without investing too much to make everything work with our existing systems.” 

Learn more about Sinch Contact Pro here

Now that we’ve changed to cloud, we can introduce new channels, such as WhatsApp and SMS. We’ll get immediate access to all new features, product updates, and improvements without investing too much effort to make everything work with our existing systems.
Horst Haschke
Head of IT, ARYZTA Germany