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Customer Story
Find out how Sinch and con4PAS helped Salehiya improve the customer experience and boost revenue with a centralized contact center solution.
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Challenge: Centralize call center processes to improve efficiency and the customer experience 

Solution: Sinch Contact Pro to meet all call center service needs 

Results: Significant reduction in call time, allowing agents to take more calls and boost revenue 


reduction in time spent on calls


more calls handled


increase in revenue







Saudi Arabia

Playing an integral role in the healthcare industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since its foundation in 1964, Salehiya now finds itself in the enviable position as the #1 medical wholesale supplier on the local market. 50+ years of experience and a mission to make every experience as personal as possible has paid off, but there’s always room for improvement in customer service. 

Eager to embrace new challenges and opportunities, Salehiya wanted to elevate the customer experience and raise the bar even higher. 

Challenge: Searching for a customer experience cure 

“We needed to improve customer service and streamline business processes,” explains Bandar Al-Otaibi, Information Technology and Digital Transformation Director at Salehiya. “We recognized that our contact center processes were decentralized, and communication channels were disparate - the customer experience wasn’t unified, and customer care was suffering.” 

It was important for Salehiya to find a solution that fitted its corporate strategy, helped it progress its business transformation journey, and boosted the customer experience. 

Al-Otaibi commented, “it was our mission to become a fully digitally enabled company with just one customer service solution across the entire customer journey. We needed to identify the best available resource to capture, manage, and respond to all inbound and outbound requests in real-time.” 

Sinch experts, along with Salehiya’s long-lasting IT support partner, con4PAS, came up with the ideal solution. 

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Solution: Delivering a healthy cloud contact center solution

Always on a mission to keep things simple, Sinch jumped at the chance to recommend Contact Pro – the all-in-one omnichannel contact center solution which complied perfectly with the already up-and-running cloud infrastructure at Salehiya. 

Gold-standard customer service regardless of channel – phone, email, chat, video, SMS, messaging app, you name it; Contact Pro gives customers the unified experience they crave, and Salehiya enjoys centralized customer service operations. It’s a win-win. 

Contact Pro offers massive opportunities to deliver frictionless customer service with intelligent routing and remote system and personnel management from a single solution available across departments and locations thanks to virtual contact center. Alongside all this, Salehiya chose to take advantage of inbound calls, interactive voice response (IVR), outbound calls, and call back as well as reporting, supervision, and monitoring capabilities. 

Al-Otaibi commented, “Contact Pro meets all our call center functionality requirements - it ties our communication channels and customer-facing interactions into a single, flexible, and adaptable environment.” 

Results: Enjoying the recovery process 

Salehiya is now reaping the benefits of being one of the first cloud-based contact center to go live in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  

Al-Otaibi explains, “Contact Pro helps our service agents save time while dealing with requests. We have seen a 3 to 1 reduction in the number of systems and screens used, which has reduced the average call time by more than 5 minutes.” 

“It significantly improves customer service and allows us to better identify and use resources throughout the company. Agents can now offer a consistent and quality customer service experience.” 

Thanks to centralized contact center capability, Salehiya has all its agents, training, and call center oversights under one roof, regardless of agent location or department. Salehiya also benefits from unified call center technology, infrastructure, security protocols, and telecom costs. 

In short, thanks to Contact Pro, customer service agents at Salehiya now spend 32% less time on calls, freeing them up to handle 25% more calls, resulting in a 4% increase in revenue! 

Contact Pro gives us a unique advantage. It brings all our communication needs onto one platform to open IP telephony for everyone who needs it - telemarketing experts, customer service agents, switchboard operators, office workers, mobile experts, and their managers. It’s a complete inbound and outbound call center solution.
Bandar Al-Otaibi
Information Technology and Digital Transformation Director, Salehiya