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The Customer Engagement Platform

Create campaigns and conversations across any mobile channel, using interactive formats and rich personalized content.

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Why Engage?

The experience you create defines your brand

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    End-to-end personalization

    Drive superior engagement through personalized content - from video and dynamic rich media to landing pages.
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    Omnichannel delivery

    Our Engage platform opens up all mobile channels, enabling you to connect with your consumer on their preferred channel
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    Move from push to conversations and deepen the dialogue with your target audience through 2-way interactions.
Make Every Interaction Count

The Sinch Mobile Engagement Platform

Build meaningful 1:1 experiences at scale

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Powerful orchestration tools that deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time.

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Personalized Content

End-to-end personalization, from personalized video to dynamic rich media and landing pages, all from one platform.

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Drive two-way dialogue to deepen relationships with your target audience.

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Produce high-impact campaigns

Create personalized interactions with rich and conversational campaigns. Optimize performance to extract actionable insights in order to develop deeper customer relationships.

Reach audiences on their preferred mobile channel through a low-code, easy-to-use interface, allowing you to optimize performance in real-time.

And of course you can connect your data seamlessly with any major CRM. Sinch makes it easy!

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Produce High Impact Campaigns

Create personalized content

Connecting with consumers on their most personal device demands personalized content.

But it doesn’t have to be hard. With Sinch you can personalize a video and communicate 1:1 with your audience to create a deeper, more meaningful connection. Up-level an SMS by leveraging personalized dynamic content and images to improve overall campaign performance.


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Create Personalized Content

Streamline your omnichannel conversations

Create automated conversational experiences and activate them on all your messaging channels for maximum impact and relevance. Build scripted conversation rules and NLP-driven dialogues, integrate them with your existing applications and create custom modules all in one place.

Streamline your communications to deliver value across the customer journey, one conversation at a time.

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    End-to-end personalization
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    Omnichannel delivery
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