How Belfius nearly doubled submitted insurance claims with conversational AI

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The largest bank in Belgium has a revolutionary way of handling insurance claims - with incredible results.
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Challenge: Simplify the process of filing insurance claims

Solution: Implement a personalized AI chatbot

Results: More than an 87% increase in completed insurance claims


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Belfius is one of the largest and most trusted banks in Belgium, serving 1 out of 3 Belgian citizens. More than 1.4 million customers use the bank’s mobile app. But insurance is a complicated business, and processing customers' insurance claims proved to be a time-consuming and challenging process.

It’s a problem no more. Thanks to a conversational AI chatbot built with Sinch technology, processing insurance claims is smoother than ever – for both Belfius and its customers.

Challenge: The need for a customized, digital approach

Belfius aims to serve its customers with “an authentic local, digital, and human touch.”  So, while the bank knew it had to offer 24-hour-a-day digital services, it also had to make sure this digital approach felt personal, relevant, and reliable. A one-size-fits-all approach wouldn’t do.

Insurance claims are notoriously complicated, but the bank wanted the process to be as simple and smooth as possible for its customers. Since most mobile banking customers use the app daily, Belfius decided that the Belfius Mobile Banking app was the perfect place to make this happen. But…how?

Solution: The award-winning chatbot that could

In Sinch, Belfius found a partner similarly committed to innovation.

The Sinch platform lets companies build a multilingual chatbot with no coding necessary. It’s easy to create intents, expressions, entities, and dialogues with a simple push of a button, bringing conversations to a whole new level. The platform also offers advanced analytics and insights, so companies can see where the conversation is happening and how it can be improved. In short, quality is key!

Using the platform, Belfius built myBo: the friendly insurance chatbot, fully integrated into the Belfius Mobile banking app, and the bank’s backend systems. Previously, an insurance claim was time-consuming and complicated for the user to fill out. With myBo, clients can easily select their home address, telephone number, and other details, providing a fully personalized experience every step of the way.

We dare say it’s no surprise that the Belfius Mobile app has won numerous awards for its quality and convenience!

mybo conversation

Results: A scalable solution – with scalable results

The results were staggering.  Over 2,000 claims were processed monthly, saving the customer care team the equivalent of 600 working hours. “Thanks to myBo, Belfius Insurance noted an 87.5% increase in conversions, when comparing the filed claims using myBo to the traditional insurance claim forms.”

Oh, and insurance claims isn’t the only area Belfius uses the power of Sinch They also built Bbot, which helps Belfius Banking clients with all their questions related to daily banking. With 5,000 questions answered monthly, they were able to offer clients 24/7 availability. Got questions about payments, how to transfer money abroad, fees, etc.? Bbot has you covered!