Capitalize on the business impact of Apple

Enterprises can directly chat with customers using the Messages app that is already installed on more than 1 billion Apple devices. With an estimated 507 million users in 2020, Apple Pay enabled 15 billion transactions in 2019.

Improve your customer engagements

By using the same Apple apps, tools, and ecosystem they use to communicate with friends and family, your customers can easily connect with you through Apple Messages for Business to get what they need, when they need it.

Why Sinch for Apple Messages for Business?

An official Message Service Provider for Apple Messages for Business since 2019, Sinch is a global cloud communications leader that can give you access to 100% of the world's mobile-enabled customers.

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Deliver unique experiences using the devices they already know

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Connecting with your business is as easy as texting a friend

Apple Messages for Business makes it simple for your customers to find you and get help, ask questions about products and services, schedule appointments, and make purchases on their Apple devices.

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Apple Pay enables secure, in-chat transactions

Use familiar payment sheets and processes to offer promotions and coupon codes, indicate billing and shipping options, and provide order status updates.

Embed URLs in images or videos that open and display website pages and return the customers to the conversation.

Customized apps enhance chats and experiences

Integrate unique functions to add more interactivity or activate your native interfaces.

Pickers simplify options and urge selections

List and time pickers help customers easily review assortments, make choices, and set times.

Authenticate customers and purchases

Prompt your customers to login with credentials to support use cases that need security and privacy.

Branding builds memorable engagements

Apply your logo and color schemes to extend brand identity into conversations within the Messages app.

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Conversation API

One conversation. One customer profile. One API. All the messaging channels you need!

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is Apple Messages for Business?

    Apple Messages for Business allows your customers to interact with your business using the Messages app that is installed on more than 1 billion Apple devices worldwide.

    Customers can easily find you and get help and information, ask about products and services, schedule appointments, and make purchases directly in Messages on their Apple device.

  • Is Apple Messages for Business secure?

    Apple is well-known for its privacy policies and this includes Apple Messages for Business. Enterprises cannot send unsolicited promotional messages to users. Only customers can initiate a conversation with your business. Once the conversation is deleted, your business cannot reestablish contact with the customer unless, or until, the customer re-initiates the conversation. During the conversation, the business cannot view a customer's personal information such as name or phone number, unless the customer chooses to share it.

  • What is a Message Service Provider or MSP?

    A Messaging Service Provider, or MSP, implements the server-to-server solution on their message platform which makes it possible to send and receive messages and photos, request payment through Apple Pay, provide the live agent console to interact with customers and route messages, and support other function. Wavvy Global, now a part of Sinch AB, has been an official Message Service Provider for Apple Messages for Business since 2019.

  • How do I get started with Apple Messages for Business?

    Apple Messages for Business is only available at this time to existing Sinch customers during a beta program. Please use the form on this page to contact us for more information and to talk with one of our experts.

Get Started with Apple Messages for Business

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